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Energy Resourses Investigation

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Energy Resourses I in this essay intend to cover the set syllabus on "energy resourses" set over the easter holiday. Although it is in essay form I have labelled each specific question. 1(a)I shall start by explaining exactly what a renewable energy resource is,which is a resource which will not run out in the foreseeable future.(b) Examples of renewable energy resources include biomass, wave ,hydro-electric ( flowing water) ,geothermal (the heat from the center of the earth) , wind , solar and food are all renewable. This diagram may help to explain this further Coal Gas Oil Uranium Batteries Food Biomass Wind Waves Flowing Water Geothermal Solar 2 The sun is the ultimate energy source having enough energy in it to collapse the very fabric of space to form a black hole (over 100 trillion tons of chemical energy). The sun in turn created many different energy sourses here on Earth in some way. The sun created coal a fossil fule millions of years ago when prehistoric plants took their energy from it through photosynthesis these plants then became part of a swamp releasing all their energy into it. ...read more.


However the moon is kept in orbit around the earth by its gravitational pull and the earth inturn by the sun. Flowing water is affected by the sun because if the sun was not there all the water would just freeze. This is all shown in the diagram below. 3. (A) Fossil fules are coal oil or gas they are the condensed and fossilized remains of prehistoric animals and plants which contain large amounts of energy. This energy is released when burnt. (B) Coal can be used to create electricity in this way. Firstly hundreds of tons of coal are burnt the heat obtained is then used to boil water. The steam produced from the boiling water is then piped to a propeller which it turns the turbine creating electricity. The steam is then recondensed so that it can be used again. FURNACE TURBINE S H A F T GENERATOR 5 SOLAR PANELS use the sun's rays to directly heat water. The water is held in tubes above dish shaped mirrors directing as much heat on to the tubes as possible. ...read more.


Geothermal * It is a renewable source of energy * One geothermal well could heat several large blocks of flats. * Expensive to make the energy * Very few places you can set up a geothermal power station. 6 With coal, oil, or gas powered stations a lot of heat is lost when the steam has been through the turbine and is left to cool. If this steam was then piped to homes or other buildings, there would be much less energy wasted. CONCLUSION In this project we have discovered that all energy resources originate from the sun. At the moment we may have to use polluting, non-renewable energy resources, but in the not so distant future we may have to use the renewable energy resources when we run out of fossil fuels. To lengthen the remaining time we have left using fossil fuels we have to find ways to produce as much energy as possible from our fuels. David Jamieson 4DGS ...read more.

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