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Energy Use Breathing and Heart Rate

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GCSE Coursework- Energy Use Breathing and Heart Rate Introduction I must plan an experiment to investigate the link between energy use, breathing rate and heart rate. My experiment should enable me to say whether doubling the energy use doubles the breathing or heart rates. Apparatus Bench, Number counter, Stopwatch, Mat. Diagram Prediction & Reason I predict that when you double the energy used initially the heart rate will increase rapidly maybe even double; but then it will increase at a slower rate. This is because as the working muscles need more oxygen and glucose from the blood the heart's stroke volume will increase so the heart rate will not have to increase rapidly. I predict that the breathing rate will double as the energy used doubles. This will happen because as the muscles energy used doubles they will need double the oxygen and need to get rid of double the carbon dioxide to respire; therefore we breathe in oxygen twice as fast. ...read more.


* Keep doing this doubling the energy use each time and measuring your heart rate in the same way until you complete the set of 80 step-ups. * Now do the same experiment but this time measure your breathing rate instead using the same method to measure your breathing rate as before. * Record the rates down into a table. Results Resting Rates 10 step-ups 20 step-ups 40 step-ups 80 step-ups Me Breathing Rate (pm) 11 16 20 27 32 Heart Rate (pm) 72 11 123 130 144 Matthew Baker Breathing Rate (pm) 10 14 17 18 25 Heart Rate (pm) 55 64 74 88 95 Average Heart Rate 64 89 99 109 120 Average Breathing Rate 11 15 19 23 29 Analysis and Conclusions I found that the breathing rate went up at a more or less even rate as shown in the graph. ...read more.


I could have achieved this by taking results from more people down and getting the average rather than just two peoples results. I would take more readings from different people because there would probably be a variation in each person's heart rate. This is because some people are less fit than others and some people have bigger hearts that can pump more blood around the body so the heart would need to beat less . Also a few different experiments could be added e.g. a set time for jogging getting doubled. This would be making the experiment more accurate as different muscles are being worked. These muscles may need more oxygen and glucose to work therefore your heart and breathing rates will increase more. Also, I could have waited longer between each experiment to get my heart/breathing rates down. To make the experiment more reliable I could have done the experiment at different times of the day e.g. After food, before food. ...read more.

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