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Evacuation in Britain

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Source 8E (A3 booklet, page 1) supports source F as it talks about the assumption made by hosts and villagers that all evacuees came from slums in London. The host from source E would have had a different reason for taking in an evacuee to the host of the evacuee from source F. The host from source E would have probably agreed to having a evacuee out of duty or pity and not because of the money, whereas the host of the evacuee in source F would have been a lot less wealthy and therefore could have agreed to having an evacuee because of the fact that hosts got paid money, or because the evacuee could be used for work, source 14 (A3 booklet) supports this as it says & we were expected to sweep out Mr Benson s butcher s floor and scrub down the marble slabs 5) I think that it actually does give a fairly accurate account of people s attitudes towards evacuation after looking at other sources. However it is secondary evidence as the writer was not there at the time and therefore is not as reliable and useful on its own as primary evidence is. It is also written by a historian, which we know can sometimes not tell the whole truth or interpret something in a different way. Historians can also give bias accounts, which also aren t reliable or useful. ...read more.


This was obviously the unsuccessful part of evacuation. Overall I believe evacuation was successful, source evacuation (A3 booklet, page 1) also agrees with me, even though it did not go smoothly, as I said previously it changed the way people in the country saw each other. A source on page 6 (A3 booklet) also supports this- One half of Britain is at least learning how the other half lives . able . However some hosts enjoyed having evacuees because it gave them extra money, which they&fn� | � x���>H�"�'�'�():)�)�.3�7�7z>�>�@�@"H*H�Q�Wf[�b>c@cBcDc��������������������������������������(2�"'(� �)� @�S �>cDc�� " . "PS" $� 08T �@�dTSH8>b����(r)���� 4����Definition TermDefinition ListH1H2H3H4H5H6 Address Blockquote Preformattedz-Bottom of Form z-Top of Form� A�dTSHp~�"������ 0:P`v������f��� "�Tv " "�Tv " "�Tv "�|Tv " �"�|3/4e " �" � 3/4e "�| � " �" � 3/4e "�� � " �" � 3/4e � " �" � 3/4e "� � " �" � 3/4e "� � " �" � 3/4e "� � "� "�| "�|" �" ��d, "�$� 08H)P2�J' (�@ �J �� O� +%( �u.0 ��78 c A@ (VJH � SP ��\. "� $� 08�u. "� $� 08�u ttDcdDcf\JE�dONT 0LTimes New Roman Courier NewArial� 0 " " "���@� ��TTT��@EPSON Stylus COLOR 480"Z�� � 4 ��0DLLName16=EPIGUE4R.dllDLLName32=EPID2E4R.dllEPSON Stylus COLOR 480d�� ��@� TTT�@� TTT�2�& ���4� � O;H(winspoolEPSON Stylus COLOR 480LPT1:F�� �"T""�Æ"P"S "$c"�` "�``""A."@���"T""�"P"S "$c"�` "�``"."Untitled."0Ms" %�"�i"�ii (" )" the cities when the air attacks did take place. The Government tried to persuade parents not to do this with posters such as source 19 (A3 booklet, page 5). This was obviously the unsuccessful part�� �����Z� ��� �O�2�Quill96 Story Group Class�����9�q ...read more.

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