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Exercise Phy

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Maximum Oxygen Consumption of Aerobically Trained and Untrained Students D Quirke Aim The aim of this lab is to examine the relationship between exercise intensity and the maximum oxygen uptake VO2max of four subjects. Using a Velotron ergometer in a ramped cycle test and examining the results recorded by a metalyser of the subject's ventilatory response to the maximum test. Introduction Maximal oxygen consumption (Vo2max) is deemed to be a bench mark measurement of the cardio vascular systems ability to perform during a intense whole-body aerobic exercise. It is expressed in a volume at a rate liters per minute (L/m) or milliliters per kg of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min). Because oxygen consumption has a linear relationship to energy expenditure, measuring a individuals oxygen consumption will give us a indirect measure of the subjects maximal capacity for work aerobically. It date back to the 1920s and has been defined as the maximum amount of oxygen per unit of time they can be extracted from the atmosphere and transported for utilization (Astrand & Rodehl 1986: Bassett & Howley 2000). Today Vo2max is regarded as a good indicator of the body's ability to take up and consume oxygen during high intensity exercise. Vo2max is a proven method for demonstrating training effect on, and aerobic potential of the cardiopulmonary system. Maximum oxygen uptake does not predict performance ability in sport as other factors influence sporting performance such as skill level, motivation and genetics(McMillan, 2006). Anaerobic Threshold As all exercise drawings first from the intramuscular stores of ATP then creatine phosphate, these stores are first replenished with ...read more.


then the workload was increased by 15 watts per minute. The test was terminated when the set cadence of 60 rpm could no longer be maintained. The subject's heart rate, perceived exertion were recorded as indication of level intensity. Analysis Velotron Cycle Ergometer Test The analysis of the data was recorded by the Cortex metalyser 3B(USA) and then graphed using Microsoft Excel. Storer Davis Cycle Test The Vo2max results were calculated with Males VO2max (ml/min) = (10.51x power(watts) + (6.35*bodyweight(kgs)-(10.49*age(year) = ml/min / weight = Ml/kg/min Females VO2max (ml/min) = (9.39x power (watts) + (7.7*bodyweight (kgs)-(5.88*age (years) = ml/min / weight = Ml/kg/min Results Figure 1 Figure 1 shows the power production compared with their relative Vo2max. Figure 2 Figure 2 shows the Ventilatory Equivalent for oxygen, which is the ratio of air breathed and the actual amount of oxygen up taken by the body. This is an indication of breathing economy; there is a clear difference between the trained and untrained subjects with Darcy and Effie getting as high as 50 litres of air breathed to one litre of actual oxygen up taken. Using Ventilatory breakpoints to predict Anaerobic Thresholds VE/Vco2) Figure 3 Tim Ventilatory break point occurs around 275 watts, which is 68% of his Vo2max, which is where his VE/Vo2 ratio increases and VE/Vco2 stays relatively constant. Figure 4 Stef"s Ventilatory breakpoint occurs around 287 watts, which is 85 % of her VO2max, where VE/Vco2 is relatively constant but the VE/Vo2 ratio increases sharply. ...read more.


The anaerobic individual Darcy 80% and Effie85% had relatively high anaerobic thresholds in comparison to Tim's of 68%. This would point to their body compensating for the lower VO2max with a higher threshold so enable them to get further in the test and relates back to Figure 2s high ventilatory output to clear the CO2 levels. Stefs Anaerobic threshold was high to this may relate to her current training cycle and the factor of an injury. Increasing anaerobic threshold can correspond in the individual been able to at a high level of their VO2max for longer periods of time increasing their overall performance(McMillan, 2006). Ventilatory breakpoint is an non obtrusive way of estimating anaerobic threshold, and is a basic assessment to detect disproportionate increases in oxygen uptake compare with CO2 expiration which is known to be related to lactate thresholds. Using blood lactate concentration is the most direct and reliable method to detect anaerobic thresholds(G Blain, O Meste, & T Bouchard, 2004 ). There were some interesting results in the differences between the VO2 ramp test and the Storer Davis test. All the subjects increased their maximum power outputs from the Storer Davis test to the VO2max ramped test, this may correspond to a shorter duration of the test so the participants could use their anaerobic energy systems to get them further. Practical applications of results An individual's performance in sport is not contingent of their VO2max results, there performance can be improved by increase their anaerobic threshold % of VO2max and improve their economy in the activity with conditioning training. ...read more.

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