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Experiment on rates of reaction.

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Experiment on rates of reaction. Rates Of Reaction: The time taken for a reaction to take place. The speed of the reaction has a big effect on the time, e.g. time taken for concrete to set may take hours, days or even weeks. Factors: Temperature: The temperatures during the rates of reactions are important because they can change how quick the reaction takes place. * Increasing the temperature will cause the particles to move faster, with more energy. * They will therefore collide more often and with greater concentration. * These two things mean there are successful collisions per second and therefore a moderate rate of reaction. Concentration: The concentration is an important factor in this test. It can change how quick the reaction takes place. * Increasing the concentration or a reactant simply means there are more particles which may collide and so react. ...read more.


Main Experiment: Aim: Our aim of this experiment was to investigate the effect of concentration on rates of reaction using different concentrations of sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acids. Prediction: I thought that the higher the concentration that we used, the test was going to be a lot quicker but the lower the concentration, the test was going to be much slower. Safety: We had to take safety precautions in case something went wrong. We needed water taps near by in case some one got acid in their eyes and we also needed goggles, gloves and a cloth. Fair test: Keep the same Change Measure Amount of acid Amount of acid Size of ribbon Size of test tube Method: * The method we used for this experiment was simple. First we marked a piece of plain paper with a large 'X'. ...read more.


Evaluation: My experiment went O.K because it was a fair test and I used everything correctly. I think the method I used was also good because I was able to carry out the whole experiment perfectly with good results. I think there was some room for improvement because if the room temperature was kept the same, the results would have been more accurate. I could have used a Burette to make sure my measurements were exact. I could have used a Light Sensor to improve the timing, it tells you when the reaction has taken place. I could have also used Data Log Equipment on the computer, which would give me the exact result tables and graphs. I would repeat this experiment several times to make sure I collected all the right results. ...read more.

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