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Experiment to test Starch in Two Types of Leaf

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Saturday, 15 September 2001 Experiment to test Starch in Two Types of Leaf Apparatus and Materials: 1. Forceps 2. Tongs 3. Scalpels 4. Bunsen burner 5. Gauze 6. Test tube rack 7. Tripod 8. Alcohol (ethanol) 9. Ceramic tile 10. Variegated leaf 11. Germanium leaf 12. Boiling tubes 13. Beaker 14. Iodine 15. Splint Method 1. Firstly heat 150ml of water using a Bunsen burner. Rest the beaker of water on a gauze which I on the tripod. Wait for a few minutes until the water starts bubbling vigorously. ...read more.


The hot water will kill the cytoplasm, denature the enzymes and will make the leaf more permeable to the iodine solution that must be used at a later stage. 3. Then we pushed the leaves into the bottom of two different test tubes and covered both with alcohol (ethanol). We placed both of the tubes in the hot water beaker, using the beaker as a water bath. 4. The alcohol will boil and dissolve out most of the chlorophyll. This will enable colour changes to be more visible. ...read more.


Drop a few drops of Iodine solution on the two leaves. The parts containing starch will turn blue and the parts without starch will stain brown or yellow with iodine. Conclusion I can conclude that both the leaves had a colour change to blue. This indicates that both of the leaves contained starch. However only the green parts of the leaves turned blue whereas the yellow parts remained the same. This is because only the green parts had chlorophyll but the yellow parts did not contain chlorophyll. The Iodine solution used reacted with the chlorophyll to make a colour change from the original green to blue. This is the sign of present starch in the leaf. ...read more.

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