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Explain the problems associated with landing people on Mars including (a) large distances, (b) food and water (c) shelter, (d) oxygen supplies, (e) what to take, (f) other costs, (g) other problems

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By Jimmy Jackson

1. Explain the problems associated with landing people on Mars including (a) large distances, (b) food and water (c) shelter, (d) oxygen supplies, (e) what to take, (f) other costs, (g) other problems

The problems associated with landing people on Mars is that, for starters, the fact that Mars is almost 79 million kilometers from Earth, it would take almost six months just to reach Mars. If we were to colonize Mars then the trips would have to be planned very carefully, and extra caution would be needed to be taken to make sure that nothing is left behind, it would no use arriving on Mars to discover that you have forgotten a very important piece of equipment. The large distances also means that you would have to be precise about the amount of fuel to be taken, and extra fuel would also need to be considered in case the space shuttle looses some along the way.

Food and Water would also be a big problem with traveling to Mars. As stated before, the six months it takes to get to Mars would also mean that the food and water, especially the water, would

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What to take to Mars would also need to be assessed properly and again careful consideration would need to be taken with what to bring. There would probably be a weight limit on the space ship and if anything was left behind then the people on Mars would have to wait for a year before they could get it back and if there are multiple needs of the things they are taking are need then this will also take up more room on the ship.

Traveling to Mars is expensive, and living on Mars would be even more costly. The estimated value that Mars has is already $358 billion, which is about $10 an acre. Once Mars has been transformed, then the land value of Mars will grow by 100 times, meaning that to buy the planet, you would need $36 trillion. Traveling to Mars just to look at the surface and to have people walking around on Mars would cost approximately $16 billion dollars, however the cost has been 'justified' by people by saying that just in case there is a catastrophic event which may wipe out the human race, we will need a 'spare' planet to go and live

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Another preparation for the journey is for the astronauts to prepare their families for their departure and some family members would not take lightly the fact that someone they know, a family member, is going into space and all the risks associated with traveling into space. Family members would need to be reassured of the safety of space travel and if it makes them feel any better, to make a will just in case worst comes to worst.

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