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Find out if changing the concentration of a sugar solution affects the mass of a potato.

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Osmosis Coursework Aim: To find out if changing the concentration of a sugar solution affects the mass of a potato. Potato or apple: I chose to use a chopped potato because in my prelim results it lost the most mass through osmosis. My preliminary results shown that the chopped potato lost 2.01g of its original mass and the whole potato lost only 1.45g of its mass. The apple whole lost 0.01g of its mass and the chopped apple lost 0.19g of its original mass. As you can see the potato lost the most weight out of the two, but of the two the chopped potato lost the most. I will control: Amount of sugar solution (volume) Surface area of the chopped potato Temperature What I will change: I will change the concentration of the sugar solution to see if it affects the mass loss of the chopped potato. How will I control all my variables? To control the amount of sugar solution I will have to use a measuring cyclinder and I will have to get to eye level with the 25cm� mark so that I know when to stop pouring the solution. ...read more.


Firstly collect all the apparatus and set up ready to do the experiment. 2. Core the potato and then chop it up into 4 equal pieces of 1cm each. Then weigh each piece and record the weight. 3. Place these into 6 separate test/boiling tubes. 4. Measure out exactly 25cm� of the sugar solution for each concentration (0.0m, 0.1m, 0.2m, 0.4m, 0.8m, 1m.) 5. Put the solution into the correct tube and label it with its molarity. 6. Repeat the results 2 more times in hoping to get a set of reliable results. 7. The next day gather your test tubes. Then weigh them on the weighing scales and record in a table of results. Apparatus: * Test/Boiling tube - I will use this to keep my solution and pieces of potato in. * Potato - I will chop this up and use it to check the weight loss when its placed in different solutions of sugar. * Weighting Scales - I will use this to check the before and after weight of my pieces of potato. * Test tube rack - I will use this to hold my test tube and boiling tubes in. ...read more.


Another factor was that when I was measuring the solution out I never measured it from the bottom of the dip in the meniscus point. This would mean that there was more liquid in some of the tubes than in the others. To improve my experiment I would get someone to check that I am cutting accurately and not to much or to little. I would also like to use a glass measuring cyclinder because they are clearer to read off than a plastic one and therefore they are more accurate as well. Another point is that when I was drying the surface of the potato I was using a paper towel and they can absorb more of the water out of the cells out the potato and this would effect the level of osmosis in the solution and then the potato sample would probably turn brown because of the lack of water in its cells. This also means I was taking to much water out of the potato, to improve this I would use something else that would take off the surface water and not water out of the cells. I would probably use something like cling film and I would roll it along the cling film to take off the surface moisture. ...read more.

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