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Find out what affect the change of concentration in the sucrose solution has on the mass of a potato chip.

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Osmosis Investigation By Umar Khan Introduction In this experiment I will be taking five similar potato chips and putting them into different sucrose solutions (each one with a different concentration) and observing the effect that each concentration has on the size of the potato chip. Aim I am doing this investigation in an endeavour to find out what affect the change of concentration in the sucrose solution has on the mass of a potato chip. Background information > Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane from an area with high concentration to an area with low concentration > The opposite of osmosis is active uptake, this is when water moves from an area with a low concentration to an area with low concentration. ...read more.


the water in the solution will move from the solution to the potato chip and as a result increasing the mass of the potato chip. I also predict that the concentration of the solution and the mass of the potato chip will be directly proportional to each other. Variables In this investigation I will change the concentration of the solution and I will be keeping the size of the potato and the temperature of the solution the same. Equipment Below is the apparatus that I will be using for my investigation. > Stop watch > Cutting tile > Small knife > Measuring cylinder > Distilled water > sucrose > Potatoes > Weighing scale > Potato cutter > Cling film > Ruler Method > Firstly I will cut five pieces of potato. ...read more.


rack for 15hours, after which I will measure the weights and lengths of each potato chip and then show my findings in a graph and table. Fair test To ensure that my investigation is conducted fairly I will be weighing each potato chip to ensure that all the chips are the same weight, I will also measure each potato chip to keep them the same size. Also I will be putting all my potatoes in the same place so that they are kept at the same temperature and receive the same amount of sunlight. Safety To ensure that my experiment is conducted safely I will wear goggles to protect my eyes from any possible hazards. I will also be using a small blunt knife so as that I do not injure myself. ...read more.

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