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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Science
  • Essay length: 1586 words

Find out what affects the rate of Osmosis.

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My Aims * I am aiming to find out what affects the rate of Osmosis. * To do this I am going to use temperature as a variation and my aim is to use it successfully. Prediction I predict that the warmer the water, the faster the rate of Osmosis occurs. I believe that Osmosis will occur when the water is at 10 but when the water temperature increases to higher temperatures e.g. 50 I believe a greater amount of water will of passed through the Visking Tubing (a semi permeable membrane). Equipment * Visking Tubing * 5x 400ml beakers * 2x 100ml beakers * 1 molar salt solution * 5 paper clips * Distilled water * Vegetable oil * Thermometer * Stop watch Procedure * Fill a 400ml beaker with 300ml of distilled water at the specific temperature e.g. 100 . Use a thermometer to get an exact temperature. Do this for every specified temperature. * Pore some salt solution into 2x 100ml beakers and make sure that they are 20 . * Place some of the salt solution (25ml) in to some Visking Tubing and do this 5 times.


Weight of Visking tubing after (g) Total gain/loss (g) 20 10.26 8.65 -1.61 40 9.88 6.96 -2.92 60 10.20 9.85 -0.35 80 9.74 9.27 -0.47 100 10.44 10.03 -0.4397 Results for experiment 1. Temperature of water Weight of Visking tubing before (g) Weight of Visking tubing after (g) Total gain/loss (g) 20 13.64 14.70 +1.36 40 12.51 12.97 +0.46 60 13.47 14.54 +1.07 80 15.22 16.04 +0.82 100 14.04 15.37 +1.33 My first experiment wasn't as successful as I would of hoped because the water temperatures weren't kept at the same temperatures during the practical. The 100 80 changed by -10 so the rate of Osmosis would of changed. I left the experiment for 20 minutes so that I could get results in one lesson. I believe that due to the temperatures changing the results maybe wrong because the results are a little different to my trials and I think that when I do my second experiment I will try to keep it at a constant level. I used a 1 molar salt solution because in my trials I used sugar solution but went off and so the trials failed so that's why I used the 1 molar salt solution.


This was so the experiment would have been a fair test. But I did not act on this because I thought that if I continued to add water it will keep the water at around the right temperature. So I did my experiments and my idea totally failed. The 100 experiment and 80 experiment decreased by around 10-15 during the experiment so these results particular are totally incorrect. The entire experiment followed my prediction but did not follow a line of best fit and so weren't very accurate. I could really improve this practical a lot firstly by controlling the water temperatures by using water baths but I would have had to of used several water baths (one for each beaker). To stop the visking tubing from leaking I think I would of used a more expensive semi permeable membrane because the visking tubing which we used exploded under to much pressure from the water passing through the membrane. I could improve my results by repeating the experiment several more times to work out a good average but we did not have the time to do this. I could take this experiment further by using more temperature variations to get a better picture and so better results at the end of it. ?? ?? ?? ??

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