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Find the best coolant during hot weather.

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Sweating The dilemma that was given to us by our teacher was, 'To find the best coolant during hot weather' We will investigate the evaporation rate of ethanol and water to see which will evaporate the fastest. The main variables that are involved in the problem are, volume of liquid, Time, Temperature, volume of cotton wool, depth of the wool, type of liquid, length of the elastic band and the heights of the clamps. The variable that I will change is the type of liquid added to each of the cotton balls. I will be keeping the following variables the same in order to make this test fair. These are the following; Volume of the liquid, the amount of cotton wool added to each of the thermometers and the temperature of the liquids and cotton wool at the start of the experiment. ...read more.


Then three cotton wools will be placed onto to each of the thermometers with the aid of an elastic band. Then I will add 2ml of each of the two liquids with a pipette (ethanol and water) onto two of the cotton wools separately. The third thermometer will not have any liquid placed on it; it will be there to measure the temperature that each of the other two cotton wools is under. We will start to time the results after the last liquid is placed onto the cotton wool. The temperatures will be recorded at the start of the experiment and then carried on every 2 minutes after that. Until the temperatures of the thermometers read a steady temperature. To ensure safety to me as well as other members of the group the following actions will be implemented to make the experiment safe. ...read more.


I would have expected the temperatures to rise back up if we had carried further readings because there was no longer a coolant in the cotton wools to keep the temperature down. My results are probably accurate, as humanly possible but could have been made perhaps better with more attention. We could of carried on the results further. Evaluation If I could do the test any better I would of placed the clamps on different stands so that their heights were the same and that each of them got equal amounts of light and heat, and that the cotton wools were put on at the same time ensuring results were fair and accurate. I would of also like to make the volume of the cotton wools more accurate, perhaps by weighing them. We could have expanded the test by using various other liquids and comparing them to one another to see which evaporated first and was the better coolant. ...read more.

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