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Fukushima Disaster and Earthquake Monitoring Essay

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´╗┐Fukushima report The worlds? continents are situated on several tectonic plates around the world, which are up to 100km thick or thicker, which move with molten magma under the earths crust in the mantle. The plates can translate ? slide past each other, converge ? slide into each other or diverge ? slide away from each other. These movements cause natural disasters that greatly impact cities and countries. There are around 1,000,000 natural disasters that occur each year. Science has come up with solutions today to predict and/or limit the amount of destruction and damage caused by natural disasters. The Eurasian plate is situated in the Pacific Ocean, Japan lies on the edge of the plate. In March 11 2011, a major earthquake hit 100km of the coast of Japan. The worst affected area was Fukushima, a prefecture located on the north Eastern Island of Honshu, facing the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake was 9.0 on the Richter scale, the largest in Japanese history. The city of Fukushima thrives in farming and agriculture and is one of the leading cities in nuclear power. When the initial quake hit waves of shock were sent from the plate edges. ...read more.


The 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit California at the start of April 2012 the airborne radar alerted the centre and they alerted the citizens to evacuate. Macintosh HD:Users:173293:Desktop:t1larg.quake.jpg The maps are picked up from a Gulfstream-III aircraft that has a radar antenna. Pilots of the Gulfstream-III have been making measurements of the area in southern California since the start of or large motions that occurred below the surface of the earth, (on the fault line) which can't be seen by any naked eye. Mr. Donnellan the creator of the system says to scientists that he can use these maps to find out how the fault lines are behaving in detail. (Erdman, 2010) This advanced equipment is a brand new technology that can be used as a type of early warning system. The image will ve taken by the gulfstream are and sent straight from the satellite to the government or society who have purchased the system. This equipment can give people the chance to brace their selves or hide for cover in a bunker or basement before the disaster hits. ...read more.


With the solution been environmentally friendly it can be used to it for capacity, as it will get approval from governments, as it is ecofriendly. Most other earthquake detectors proposed will not be environmentally friendly and this solution will get chosen above all. The economic factor of this solution is very expensive and will be very hard for small countries to fund. The government/purchaser will be out for pocket in the short term but will save lives in the long run, as it can alert citizens in the situation of an earthquake. In conclusion, a solution in detecting and decreasing the amount of damage caused by earthquakes is becoming ever so demanding. With the large destruction of the Fukushima and the nuclear power plant accident a solution is needed for the future. My proposed solution is to install the early warning system this system monitors the ground movements and picks up fringe patterns if fault lines play up. The environmental factor of this solution is admirable, as it doesn?t disrupt the Earths surface. Although the economic factor is very pricy it in the short term it will save life?s in the long term as the plane will asses the earths surface and will alert the citizens before the quake hits. ...read more.

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