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G.C.S.E Citizenship - coursework A Being an active citizen

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Danielle Norris G.C.S.E Citizenship - coursework A Being an active citizen I have chosen to write about the pressure group Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) and my involvement in their activities and demonstrations. SAS campaign for clean, safe recreational waters, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals and nuclear waste. Using a solution based arguement of viable and sustainable alternatives, SAS highlights the inherent flaws in current practises, attitudes and legislation, challenging industry, legislators and politicians to end their 'pump and dump' policies. SAS was started by water users for water users and exists to give recreational water users a voice. The SAS mission is to ensure that anyone who wishes to enjoy the water environment should do so without fear of sickness or long term illness. The SAS campaign has had considerable impact on the whole sewage debate and the UK is now on the way to having some of the cleanest beaches and bathing waters in Europe, but there is still much more work to be done, as is not only sewage that can degrade the quality of the water environment and the health of the people that use it. ...read more.


I had never realised how long the pier was, and the plan today was to paddle around it! There was only a few other girl surfers there, all of whom i had surfed with, and i could see the worried expression on their faces too! There was only a slim chance i could paddle all around that! I found a close friend called Andy onthe beach and he was already putting on his wetsuit! This was the second time in less than 10 minutes i panicked, not only had i realised how late i was, but also that i had forgot my wetsuit! I had to make do with my board shorts and a SAS rashie (rash vest-thermal shirt worn under your wetsuit!) it was too late to worry about anything as i was rushed into the lineup and wait until it was time to go! The whistle blew and pure adrenalin rushed though my body as i raced to the water and launched myself on my board, paddling as hard as i could, I turned around and could only smile at the sight of ...read more.


For these reasons i admired him, he had been through these traumas and still did what he loved, and made a stand against the things he did not. I havent really become involved in any other environmental demonstrations or issues because of my experience with SAS, i feel that this is something i can relate to, and put all my energy into it, and be able to see the results, although i think for the next paddle round the pier i will change a few things, i will aim to collect even more sponsorship money and definately make sure i have my wetsuit with me before i leave! Overall, I feel that day was very benifitial to me and other young surfers in the water. We learnt how important it is to be united against any issue, instead of just sitting back and saying 'whatever will be will be'. I learnt more about the effects of pollution in Brighton and all over the English channel, i met a great group of people that i have kept in touch with and i cant wait until the paddle round the pier next year......... ...read more.

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