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Gaydon Technology Partnership Centre

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Gaydon Technology Partnership centre Introduction On the 22nd of February we visited the Landrover site in Gaydon also known as the Technology Partnership Centre.The guide spoke to us about what the establishment does and how it works in the context of Physics.Its main purpose is as a Design and test centre which incorporates a variety of areas:-Concept Design -CAD and Modelling -Prototyping -Component Testing -Whole Vehicle Testing(static or on a test track) -Design Modification and improvement During the visit we looked at several areas in detail and how their work relates to physics these were the semi-anechoic chamber where sound is tested,the safety test area and in particular the crash sled and pendulum rig,and the rapid prototyping area where CAD and lasers are used to make accurate prototypes of the finished components without having to use tools. Purpose of Physics Here I will look in more detail at two specific areas at the purpose of the testing and how and why the physics is applied,these are the semi-anechoic chamber and the crash sled in the safety test area. 1.SEMI-ANECHOIC CHAMBER is the area where the car is tested for the noise level its engine and other parts of the car vibrating at specific frequencies produce.This vibration has to be stopped or cut to a minimum ...read more.


the component determines the speed at which it collides.A magnetic solenoid release mechanism is used to release the sled by having a switch which breaks the circuit.To simulate the object which the car collides with specialised aluminium decelerating cans are used they collapse on impact.Each one gives a constant force of 24,500N and so they change the amount of tubes to change the rate of deceleration.These aspects of the test are measured and recorded before hand but a video is set up to record what effect these have on the component being tested. Physics Principals in Detail We can see that the bungy system works by the transfer of energy from one type to another and the conservation of energy.Here as the bungy is stretched elastic potential energy is stored as seen in the equation E=force x distance this shows that depending on the distance it is puled back different amounts of energy are stored creating a different force.This energy when released is then transferred to kinetic energy shown in the formula E=1 2 from this I can see that the mass of the 2 mV component will also effect the speed at which the sled collides with the tubes and the greater the energy transferred the greater the speed and therefore the greater the force ...read more.


These same formulas can be used in Forensic investigations into collisions they can work out the speed and deceleration of the car(s) on impact thus finding the culprit of the accident.The use of electromagnetic circuits similar to the solenoid release mechanism can be seen in doorbells where a relay system is used where the electric circuit is continuously switched on and off attracting and releasing the hammer which hits a bell this creates the ringing sound. In the future all of this information may be fed into a computer which will automatically create this specified situation on the machine this will stop any human errors.Eventually the whole test may be simulated on the computer using calculations.Also the use of hydraulics instead of the metal tubes which can be set to decelerate the sled at different forces could be used.This would mean that the expensive metal tubes would not have to be changed or replaced after each test. Conclusion From the visit I saw how physics can be adapted for use in the working environment.It showed me that there many uses for different types of physics in every day life and that many things couldn't function without it.Especially,in this case,in the field of cars testing and design. ...read more.

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