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GCSE Coursework: Acid Rain Experiment

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Daniel Ellis 10TYL\10C1 GCSE Coursework: Acid Rain Experiment Background: Burning fossil fuels makes acid rain. Most fossil fuels contain sulphur as an impurity. When we burn the fuel, the sulphur is oxidised. It turns into sulphur dioxide (SO2) ...read more.


Here are the following effects of acid rain on: 1. FORESTS - Trees are damaged and even killed. Over half the forests in Germany are dead or dying. 2. FISH - Hundreds of lakes in Norway and Sweden now have no fish left in them at all. ...read more.


Plan: In this experiment we are trying to find out the rates of reaction on limestone when different concentrates of acid are added to it. The equation for this reaction is: Calcium dioxide + hydrochloric acid = Carbon dioxide + water + Calcium Chloride. Factors that effect the rate of reaction are: * Catalysts or a promoter * Heat * Pressure * Reduction of the concentration and * Surface areas. ...read more.

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