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General Motors Social Responsibility Strategy.

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Management BUSbm2000 Assignment By Adam Tilston Reg No 00302568 General Motors Social Responsibility Strategy My chosen company is the General Motors Corporation. It goes without saying that they are one of the leading businesses in the world and could be the largest car manufacturer. Their models include such lines as the Opel, Chevrolet, Chryslers and other household names. Due to General Motors being a large company, they have many Social Responsibilities. This is because they are at the forefront of motorcar manufacturing and need to set examples to the vast customers they have. Here is a list of the some of the issues that are put into their strategy: - * Advocate product and policy positions that help improve motor vehicle safety. * Increase child restraint and safety belt use. * Reduce crashes involving younger drivers * Reduce incidence of drunk and impaired driving. These were found on the GM website and are included in their public policy. As you can see from these points, the business is showing that they are extremely willing and show concerns over the various problems associated with automobiles. It shows that the business has the potential to do good for the community. As the car industry gets more and more technical, and more people would sooner buy a safe car rather than a nice looking one, their actions will have an impact on social problems, If they are behaving responsible, they will set out to create the safest car on the market so people (and potential customers) can be safe. As you can see from these points that are addressed, they tackle all the key elements in what society believe to be dangerous. GM have outlined these areas and stated that they are trying to eliminate these problems. The business also looks like it shows a willingness to invest in the areas to help make the roads a safer place. ...read more.


When I looked on the companies website their vision statement was highlighted. It stated- "every business unit within GM is working toward GM's vision to become the world leader in transportation products and related services. Building on strength and stability and encouraged by innovation and inspiration of its highly motivated people, GM is positioned to achieve employee enthusiasm, customer enthusiasm and shareholder enthusiasm. GM recognise that its greatest assets are its employees." "GM have got a vision for sustainable global mobility. GM believe that we can completely remove the automobile from the environment equation by developing a hydrogen based economy". Looking at the first statement it is clear that GM is trying to strive forward in the industry. They want to become a world leader and build on its strength and stability. GM realises that they not only just have to go about selling quality automobiles, but also have to come up with initiative and developments to fulfil its vision. They emphasize clearly on enthusiasm. They want the employee, customer and shareholder enthusiasm to be extremely high. Targets that are environmentally cleansing will give the enthusiasm to the customers. The customers may then start to buy GM vehicles, Which will result in the business being more profitable, which will then give the shareholders enthusiasm. GM work as one big family and state that the most important assets are its colleagues. This will prompt employee enthusiasm. IF this goes to plan then they have partly fulfilled their vision statement. Looking at the environmental side of the vision statement, they want to completely remove the automobile from the environmental equation. This means that GM wants to produce the perfect vehicle that has no harmful emissions, is safer to drive and is affordable. GM have recognised that it could be a long time before this vision can be achieved but have started to implement various solutions to the long-term efforts. ...read more.


Planning answers questions such as "How can we get from here to here?" Feedback looks at questions such as "What early warnings do current outputs give us of future process performance?" The forecasting part only works on the output data. An example of Feed forward control within GM could be within their Seven Year Plan. This plan is included within GM's Targets and Mission statement. GM wants the transportation of the future to have a lot less impact on the environment and the quality of life. The plans are assessing the possibilities of changing the major modes of transportation and start to develop future land transportation systems. GM is also intent on producing a vehicle that has no harmful emissions and either runs on a fuel that is harmless, runs on electric, or runs on solar power. They want to make motoring as safe to the environment as possible so that people are no longer concerned with the effects vehicles have on the environment. GM has many forecasts within this plan. They forecast to develop a prototype car that runs on electric by the year 2004. Each step of this production will be closely monitored so that other forecasts can be made to improve the process. Evan now forecasts are being made upon the vehicles they produce so that they can be improved when the next sets of goals are thought up. A lot of GM's current processing is using feed forward control. They are constantly forecasting better ways to produce their goods so their Outputs can be improved. I do not think that any of these suggest any possibilities of problems or failure. GM have stated that they want to strive forward in the car industry and make sure that their products are safe to the environment and safe to the people that use them. They are using these models to improve on what they have already done within the car industry. They also want to lead by example and make other car industries follow their lead. They are a pioneer company and do not show signs of failure. ...read more.

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