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Genetically modified organisms can only be harmful to humans A genetically modified organism is a virus, bacterium or more complex life-form in

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Genetically modified organisms can only be harmful to humans A genetically modified organism is a virus, bacterium or more complex life-form in which the DNA has been altered for a particular purpose, such as: * research into the nature of genes and biological processes * manufacturing animal proteins * correcting genetic defects * making improvements to plants and animals. Many commercial applications of biotechnology are laboratory based, producing medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers, vaccines and specific substances such as insulin and growth hormones. Some food products such as cheese and yoghurt depend upon bacteria, which can be modified to speed up or improve their production. In most cases, the genetic modification is designed to affect the production process, not the product itself. Because of the tight controls on laboratory uses of GMOs, these applications are very unlikely to offer threats to the environment More environmental concern arises over the GMOs developed, or being considered, to: * improve existing plant crops * protect crops from attacks by pests and diseases * ...read more.


Finding a donor organ for a patient have always been a problem but in 1999 when a Cambridge based team told a conference that they had kept a baboon alive for 40 days with a "humanised" pig heart. The use of humanised animal organs is being pursued to meet a shortage of donor organs. A normal heart of pig will not work in such conditions. Pig hearts can be "humanised" by the introduction of human genes to persuade human immune system to accept foreign organ. So here again GMO has proved itself as not harmful to humans but helpful. But sure Genetic Modification has raised many moral and ethical issues. In America animal organs transportation have been criticised after few research's showed that pigs which are most promoting source for organ transportation carry's a virus that can effect human cells. Many issues have been raised in human genetic modification. It is possible for parents to choose their babies characteristics like blonde, tall, smart, athletic etc with the help of genetic modification. ...read more.


In few religions pig is not acceptable to eat so being it a part of you really creates a religious issue. Our environment and eco system can also change by Genetic modification. In few debates it has been said that GMO will change our evolution and human race can change. As new research showed that GM potatoes are toxic to laboratory rats. (Aftenposten) but new research will be able to cure this problem and in end what I would like to say that Genetic modification of organisms can offer enormous benefits to medicine and agriculture. Biotechnology industries based on genetic techniques are developing rapidly across the world. While some of the likely, short-term impacts of GMOs on the environment are known, there is less certainty about long-term implications. The use of pesticides has led to the evolution of resistance in pests. We know that genetic modification of crops and micro-organisms will lead to evolutionary change. The question is how far that could offset the benefits of biotechnology. Advances in biotechnology need to be matched by progress in understanding, predicting and preventing any adverse environmental consequences. ...read more.

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