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GeneticallyModified Organisms can only be harmful to humans

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Genetically Modified Organisms can only be harmful to humans Genetic Modification is when the genetic make-up of a living organism is altered (1). This can be done by changing an existing section of DNA or by inserting a new gene (4). Genetic Modification began in the late 1970's (6). It can be used between different species for example from a plant to a human or an animal to a human. It is often used to enhance the flavour of foods as well as to improve the size and quantity of foods like tomatoes. Joining genes from different organisms is known as recombinant DNA technology, and the resulting organism is said to be "genetically modified," or "transgenic." Genetically Modified products include medicines, vaccines, foods, food ingredients and animal feeds (1). In my personal opinion I believe that genetic Modification has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. I do have reservations about this type of research as I find it unethical and dangerous for humans and wildlife. There are quite a few advantages of Genetic Modification (GM). One example is placing vaccinations in foods and making it more beneficial for the people who consume them. By putting vaccinations in foods using GM it will mean that tablets and injections will not be required. ...read more.


Due to GM animal health can also be improved (1). GM also affects the environment in the sense that bio herbicides and bio insecticides are used. Soil, water and energy are saved (1). Genetic Modification can cause an increased food security for growing populations, which can be beneficial to the third world countries. If for example a tomato is taken and genetically modified to change the molecular structure in order to make it larger in size, tastier by adding more flavour, juicier and lasting longer. The tomato can last longer if a "frost free" fish gene is implanted to make the tomato tolerate cold conditions (4). In my opinion I think that if GM technology is used in fruits it will encourage more people to eat and enjoy fruit, which is healthy for them. These kinds of foods will be cheaper to purchase than organic foods. In my opinion this is beneficial for those people who come from a poorer background and who cannot afford to purchase quality goods at the expensive price. When GM technology is used the prices are lowered so everyone can enjoy the food. These advantages could, in turn, lead to a number of potential benefits, especially in the longer-term, for the consumer, industry, agriculture and the environment. ...read more.


Company owners will try to persuade the public to support GM investigate, as they will gain a large amount of profit from doing so. GM technology is a violation of natural organisms. It is tampering with nature by mixing genes among different species. Many people have objections in consuming animal genes in plants and vice versa. If an animal is being genetically modified it could cause stress to the animal. After much consideration I have come up with the conclusion that GM technology and research is a waste of time and money as it carries a huge amount of risks and dangers that can harm humans and wildlife as well as the environment.. I feel that more research is required before any more procedures are carried out because there is a lack of knowledge about GM technology. Until risks have been prevented I do not think that the protestors of GM technology will accept this technology. To conclude with I think that there are more disadvantages than advantages and until they have been dealt with it will not be a successful procedure. Therefore in my opinion and in the views of the protestors of GM technology it should not be carried out. This research should not be considered if it is harmful to humans. If the risks could be prevented or decreased this process could be successful. Samina Nawaz 12.2 Biology Essay 1 ...read more.

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