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Genetics - the basis of structure, of life, and of mankind

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Ellen Adams Genetics Every single form of life on the planet is created and controlled by a chemical 'recipe', a chemical code consisting of hundreds of thousands of instructions in every single cell, the basis of structure, of life, and of mankind. Who, what, where, when, how, and why, are all questions which for centuries have remained unanswered. They demanded an extraordinary amount of skill, time, and precision from individuals the world over to be conquered to our current level of understanding. Many discoveries have led to the discovery of genetics. In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen, a german physicist, accidentally discovered x-rays, whilst studying cathode rays in a high voltage gaseous discharge tube. This marked the beginning of a long series of explorations and experiments, eventually leading to the discovery of DNA. A year later in 1896, Antoine Becquerel, this time a french physicist, discovered through experimentation and observation, the disintegration of electromagnetic rays (x-rays, and gamma rays), also known as radioactivity. ...read more.


Procedures have evolved even further since then, which shows how much science can progress over the years. What begins as a small theory can drastically transform into an enormous scientific revolution, changing they way we would have previously visualised ideas. HUGO was set up in the year 2000. This organisation involves the very best scientists from all over the world and the technology of supercomputers and robotics also, and was set up originally in a bid to crack the genetic code. This occurred on the 26th of June 2000 and now provides the 'blueprint' for all human life. Thanks to all the dedication of those scientists over centuries, many ideas previously considered as ridiculous are being reconsidered. Who would believe, for instance, that an actual living animal could be cloned using another animal's DNA? It may have taken scientists over 250 attempts to clone 'Dolly the sheep', but they succeeded in the end. Could it now be seen as possible to clone a dinosaur? ...read more.


Its seems more people want to believe magic however. Maybe it is because science is so closely related to magic and is in itself a type of 'hocus pocus'. It is a method of explaining why something occurs despite our limited knowledge and disbelief and doesn't need experiments to clarify it. In the past it was thought to contradict the bible, but, really it is another side of science which just needs to be explored. In the past, it was believed witches conjured magic. We now know that it is the planet earth which conjures up magic which is waiting to be uncovered. Altogether, it can be concluded that science has progressed dramatically over the years. It is a magic which is never ending and which will never cease to be investigated. It is an alternative way of looking at the world, which progresses everyday and which, just like religion or magic, brings about previously unheard of miracles. Science is always being revolutionised and is beginning to be seen by many as a new religion, which is gradually unfolding the mysteries the universe prevails. ...read more.

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