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Governing AIDS.

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Governing AIDS AIDS is a very complicated infection. It is not only infecting individuals, but it also infecting our society. Until a cure is reach it will continue to plague human society. No person will ever be truly safe. Our government needs to keep spending money on research to develop a cure for AIDS. To fully understand why our government should continue to spend its funds on AIDS research one must first understand AIDS. No one actually knows where AIDS comes from. Americans say that it originated in Africa. Africans say that the Europeanours brought it to Africa. AIDS got its first documented case as late back as the 1950's on the African continent. Africa has more documented cases than any where in the world. Scientist predict that three out of every ten sexually active people in Africa carry the AIDS virus. AIDS has become a threat to entire communities there. Scientist believe that the spread of the disease is almost entirely by heterosexual activity, since the amount of male and female infection are about equal. AIDS is a disease that can be spread through traveling. At first the disease was only in North America and Africa. It is now spreading all over the world. Although there are not as many cases of Aids in America as Africa the disease still exist at an alarming rate. AIDS was not discovered in America until 1981 and not given a name until 1984. In America AIDS is mainly a disease that plagues white males. It seems that most cases of AIDS are due to homosexuality and drug use. When people use drugs that use syringes, such as heroin or steroids they are at high risk. ...read more.


The AIDS virus by itself is very fragile. It can not withstand temperatures above 132 degrees Fahrenheit. So if blood is boiled at 133 degrees it will eliminate AIDS and most any other dangerous virus that may be inhabiting the blood. These processes assure society that they are getting safe blood. This is a major step in AIDS prevention that is relatively fool proof(Kurland 30). If a person wants to make sure that they do not get infected blood they can do one major thing. Giving ones own blood and putting it into a blood bank for later use is a major step in AIDS prevention. A person never knows when they may need surgery or a blood transfusion(Taylor 39). The next way to practice AIDS prevention is to get blood test before marriage. Now that blood test are mandatory before getting a legal marriage licence it is very important to receive one with ones spouse. A blood test can determine whether or not either parties carries the AIDS virus. This can save a child's life. If the mother has AIDS then the child will probably have AIDS. It is not fair to that child if it is born with a disease it had no choice in getting. The child did not ever contribute to the mother contracting it. One day it is hoped that if the mother has AIDS a medicine can be given, the disease be terminated, and then a marriage licence being issued. Some people find that mandatory blood testing before a marriage licence is issued is invasion of privacy. On the contrary it violates no civil right. Blood testing has been around for many years. ...read more.


The cost of AIDS research is exponential. That must be remembered when the government considers how much money would be spent on it. AIDS must be treated as a disease that will be around for a long time if not forever. " Hesitation by the U.S. government to carry out necessary HIV research would be criminal." - Bruce Flemming HIV remains a highly lethal communicable disease. Despite increased medical management the number of AIDS victims continues to rise each year. Hospital are forced to increase the care and time the spend on making sure nothing in contaminated. Hospitals are also forced to care for more and more AIDS patients. This increases the risks they must take with the disease. If HIV research continues to be a lower priority in our country's priorities it will be the gay men and women, needle users, sexual partners, and their children who will suffer the price of our negligence to disease control. All men are created equal no matter their life styles. Who should be sentenced to death for a mistake that was made(Daniel 62-70). In 1991 271, 000 people are estimated to have AIDS. of these people 54,000 are estimated to not make in another year. 54,000 people is more than all of the American deaths in World War I and Vietnam War combined. This number is also only an estimate. There could be many more people with the disease that do not even know it yet(Check 69). If a cure is not reach soon the deaths will not they will only continue. We need our government to continue its efforts at finding a cure. No person should rest until the cure is reached and dispersed around the globe to every corner and slum, no matter how far away. ...read more.

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