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Green House Effect Dinosaur Extinction case Study

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The Greenhouse Effect Another popular theory the greenhouse effect theory first proposed by Dewey McLean. He and many others believed that a intense period of volcanic eruption and small asteroid impact was the cause however Mclean believed this was a minor event and what followed was the result of the extinction of the dinosaurs. Mclean says that the asteroid that formed the Chicxulub crater happed 300,000 years before the death of the dinosaurs. According to Mclean the fateful dinosaur killer happed somewhere else on earth and is still yet to be discovered. ...read more.


They also contributed to erosion and the creation of soil. Also, since plants are stationary, they determine where plant-eating animals live. An example of a common plant would be a 'Horsetail' plant show on the left. If plants such as this on died then there would be no food to keep the Herbivores alive such as triceratops (Primary consumer). With dinosaurs such as these ones dieing their would have been no food for The Carnivores Like the T-Rex (Secondary Consumer) however in McLean's Opinion this was a minor incident he believes this was just the beginning at it was what followed this event that that ...read more.


Only a few degrees increase in the temperature can affect the fertility of an animal by affecting their ability to produce fertile sperm. Mclean Believes that this was the deciding factor that killed of that dinosaurs and not the asteroid. Dewey Mclean Dewey Mclean was famous scientist born is San Antonio Texas he later mover to California like Alvarez to study his profession Geology. He did not win a Noble prize but Won many other reward for his discovery's in both Dinosaurs and Global Warming. He linked to two together to make his theory. ...read more.

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