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Group 4 Project - Camembert

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  • Essay length: 1476 words
  • Submitted: 11/07/2002
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GCSE Aqueous Chemistry

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Group 4 Project - Camembert

by Tiphanie Bedas, Annemarie Desloges, Romain Hottlet, Nathalie Nadeau

For the Group 4 project of June 2001, the students of EABJM in Paris have chosen of common agreement CHEESE. Our specific group have chosen to study the chemical aspects of Camembert.

Camembert is famous French cheese. Made form unpasteurized milk, this cheese known since WWI has more then 45% of fat. However, Camembert contains many other things. By cliking on each link one can find the experiments on the following components of cheese:

* Water content

* Organic and inorganic content

* Ionic content

* Energy content

Make a link for conclusion

As can be seen in the pie, Camembert is a very good source of energy and water (2 & 3). It is not however a good source of minerals (1).

Finding the water content in Camembert:

Materials: a slice of Camembert, a plate, oven, balance


1. Heat the oven to 50 oC.

2. Zero the balance and then weigh the plate. Note its weight. Then add the piece of cheese with the plate. Find

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