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Hepatitis B is caused by a virus, which attacks the liver

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Hepatitis B is caused by a virus, which attacks the liver. The actual virus is called Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). It can cause lifelong infection, and permanent scarring of the liver, as well as liver cancer, liver failure and even death. About 30% of the people who get Hepatitis B, have no symptoms at all, and signs are much less common in children anyway. ...read more.


Finally it can also be spread by sharing drugs, needles etc. It can also be passed down from a mother to her baby. Some people who have HBV can also be in the threat of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). As I mentioned above Hepatitis B can cause: * Permanent scarring of the liver * Liver Cancer * Liver Failure * Hepatitis C * Death There are several means of prevention, which I have listed below: * The Hepatitis B Vaccine is perhaps the most effective and efficient means of prevention. ...read more.


* Do not do drugs under any circumstances. * Do not share personal healthcare items that might have blood on them, e.g. Razors or Toothbrushes. * Consider the risks if you're getting a tattoo or a body piercing, as the tools might me infected. * And finally if you have previously had Hepatitis B do not donate blood, organs, or any body tissue. ?? ?? ?? ?? Raza Quraishi 11S Mrs. Hidden ...read more.

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