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How Do Fishing Methods Harm The Environment?

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How Do Fishing Methods Harm The Environment? Introduction: I am going to try and find out which fishing methods harm the environment more and how we could stop or cut down on some fishing methods. We already know that some or most fishing methods do harm the environment, but the question is what is going to happen to the ocean in the future if we keep carelessly fishing. This question or subject suits me because the ocean is really interesting and beautiful place. I think that we should preserve it for generations to come. The ocean is a very complex ecosystem and if we keep damaging it then we will lose it forever. Methodology: I made a phone call to 'Greenpeace' and they sent me some booklets and leaflets but they were not of much relevance to me, they did however have some good information on driftnet fishing. I did lots of my research on the Internet, as there is a vast collection of information on it. I found lots of information including all of the types of fishing I am researching. I got an article from a Newspaper on cyanide fishing. Which told me lots and lots about it and it had lots of useful facts as well. I have made a questionnaire. I am going to hand out 15 questionnaires and then im going to analyse the data and put the data into graphs, charts and tables. ...read more.


This means low numbers of certain species could take ten times longer to return to normal. Some very common fish are now considered to have sustainable populations, so will die out if we don't take care of the ocean and the life it contains. " We must consider deep-sea sticks as non-renewable resources." "Rubio's", the restaurant "Rubio's" is a restaurant company. They have 106 restaurants in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. They raised $22,000for the sea of Cortez International Preservation Foundation by selling beanbag fish of their customers. I think it's really good that this chain of restaurants is actually thinking about the oceans and caring about them. We need a lot more of this kind of work done to save the creatures of the ocean. The trawlers point of view I e-mailed a trawling fisherman Section 1 is the e-mail I sent the fisherman and section 2 is the e-amil he sent back. (1) Hello, I am doing a project on how fishing harms the environment. I have got the environmentalists view on fishing and now I am searching for the fisherman's side of fishing. Do you have any fishing quotas or restrictions for fishing? If you could just tell me your side of things or give me some suggestions on where I could find some information I would be very grateful. Thank you, Fin Belcher (2) ...read more.


I have a wide range of different types of research. In my opinion all of my research proves that we are damaging the environment and if we don't stop the ocean will be a plain and barren place containing not much life at all. I did 2 questionnaires that I later found out were no use because some of the questions were biased, I also found out I had worded one of the questions wrong: - "Do you think we should keep fishing the sea until the ocean is destroyed?" The two people I handed the questionnaire answered it like I was meaning the sea was a gone and there was no ocean. Obviously what I meant was "do you think we should fish the sea until the ocean is virtually lifeless?" Conclusion: Which main types of fishing are there? * Trawling * Cyanide Fishing * Driftnet Fishing * Dynamite Fishing I have not said much about Dynamite fishing because it is not a fishing technique used to the extent that all the others are. -What does trawling do to the environment? Trawling dredges the seabed destroying the habitat for animals it also kills a lot of other animals not just the target animals. -What does cyanide fishing do to the environment? Cyanide fishing kills coral, which dies in 1-3 weeks after being subjected to cyanide, Its also kills some fish, depending on how much they are subjected to. -What does driftnet fishing do to the environment? Driftnet fishing kills lots and lots of non-targeted animals e.g. Whales, Dolphins, Swordfish, Turtles, Birds etc... ...read more.

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