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How does length affect the time period of the pendulum?

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Factor- Length

How does length affect the time period of the pendulum

Tarun Sridhar 10B

Physics Practical:-

Factor: Length of string holding the bob

Research question: - To find out if the length of the string holding the bob affects the gravitational force against the bob, i.e. the time period.        

Hypothesis: - I think that the increase in the length of the string would result in the increase of the time period (time taken for one oscillation), Because The pendulum holding the longer string should take more time because it has a long way from starting to end point, whereas the pendulum with the short string would have a lesser distance to travel the length of the string is directly proportional to the time period, and the

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StringBobStop watchPendulum standRubber split corks to hold string


  1. First get all the materials needed
  2. Then connect the string the rubber holder
  3. Connect it  to the pendulum stand
  4. Take out the string, which is put through the rubber and adjust the length.
  5. Record the time taken for 10 oscillations for different lengths



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Value of g (acceleration due to gravity) from the above relation we can derive a formula for time period

This equation shows us the relation between time period and length in depth, and the formula can be tested, and using this formula, just substituting in the values would give you the needed value, for e.g. substituting values for G and pie and length we can find the time period.


This experiment was successful and I think I could have done better if there was more time so that I could have taken more records for my data which would have made my results more accurate

There were some human errors which were made during the experiment, for E.G. the length of the string measured by the ruler and then stuck between the rubber corks may not be so accurate and also the error made when we use the stop watch

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