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How does speed affect stopping distance? I chose to release a car from the top of a hill and let it roll down, as the height of the ramp increases the speed of the car increases.

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How does speed affect stopping distance? Height (m) Speed ^2 Speed (m/s) Mean stopping distance (cm) Range 0.01 0.2 0.45 13.4 1.5 0.02 0.4 0.63 26.7 1.5 0.03 0.6 0.77 40.6 2.0 0.04 0.8 0.89 55.6 2.5 0.05 1.0 1.0 66.1 1.0 0.06 1.2 1.69 74.7 3.0 Diagram of the experiment Conclusion From my graphs I have drawn I can see that there is a positive correlation between the speed and the stopping distance. ...read more.


This is because as the ramp gets higher the speed increases and as the speed increases so does the stopping distance. In conclusion, in response to the question 'how does speed affect stopping distance?' the answer is the faster the speed the longer the stopping distance. Evaluation There were a number of difficulties in getting these results. Because I was collecting the results this meant that there was quite a lot of human error. ...read more.


However given the circumstances and short time I was given to carry out this investigation I would say that my results were fairly reliable. I collected no outliers and the largest range of my results was 3.0cm. I am confident with my conclusion because I feel despite all the factors that could have gone wrong my results were reliable and made sense, and at the end of the day its common sense that the faster something travels the more distance it will cover to stop. Zac Edwards: Physics Coursework ...read more.

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