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How Does the Length of a Wire Affect the Resistance?

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HOW DOES THE LENGTH OF A WIRE AFFECT THE RESISTANCE? Aim: To investigate how the length of the wire affects the resistance of a wire. List of Equipment: Ammeter - Voltmeter - Power Pack - Variable Resistor - 6 Wires - Block of Wood (mayn't be supplied) - Test Wire - 2 Crocodile Clips - Metre Ruler. Variables: Everything should stay the same but: * The length of the wire. * The position of the variable resistor. * Voltage across wire. * Current in circuit. * Temperature of wire. * The resistance of the wire (will be calculated). Diagram: Prediction: The longer the wire the higher the resistance. This is because the longer the wire, the more atoms there will be, so electricity will take longer to travel through. ...read more.


* At the end everything was put away were they belong for safety hazards. Safety: For safety I used only 2V and I avoided touching the wire, as it may get too hot. Results: Length of Wire V1 C1 R1 V2 C2 R2 V3 C3 R3 RAVE 20cm 0.26 0.27 0.96 0.05 0.04 1.25 0.02 0.03 0.67 0.96 40cm 0.05 0.02 2.5 0.09 0.04 2.25 0.53 0.27 1.96 2.24 60cm 0.17 0.05 3.4 0.08 0.03 2.67 0.68 1.90 0.36 2.14 80cm 0.14 0.03 4.67 0.22 0.06 3.67 0.11 0.03 3.67 4.00 100cm 2.28 0.45 5.07 1.08 0.2 5.4 0.76 0.14 5.43 5.3 * V=Voltage C=Current R=Resistance Rave=Resistance Average * Resistance was calculated by dividing voltage by current. * Resistance Average was calculated by adding up R1, R2 &R3 then dividing the total by 3. ...read more.


At 60cm it is possible that the length was shorter, causing a lower resistance. The solution to this is to measure the lengths more carefully and ensure that the wire is pulled tight against the metre ruler. * For a particular result, one or more of the connections could have been faulty, causing extra resistance. A solution to this would be to make sure the connections are perfect and clean. * Whilst extremely unlikely, it is possible that either the ammeter or the voltmeter froze and gave a misreading and nothing can be done about that. * Further experiments could have been carried out like for example the resistance is known to be inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the wire, i.e. if you increase the cross-sectional area (by increasing the diameter) then you decrease the resistance. Muhammad Ali ...read more.

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