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How does the length of a wire affect the Resistance?

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How does the length of a wire affect the Resistance? Planing Aim: To find out how the length of a nicrome wire affects the resistance. Prediction: The longer the wire the more resistance there will be. The atoms in the wire are very close together, because the wire is a solid. The atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. = atom = electron In a long piece of wire there are more atoms so there is less room for the electrons to get through. The electrons bump into the atoms and lose some of their energy. However in a short piece of wire, there are less atoms. ...read more.


Fair test: To keep the experiment fair, I will use the same ammeter, voltmeter, and power pack, throughout the experiment. To get accurate results I will use a digital ammeter and voltmeter, and will keep the nicrome wire the same width throughout the experiment. Obtaining evidence Length of wire (cm) Current Voltage Resistance 10 0.88 1.83 2.08 20 0.5 2.03 4.60 30 0.36 2.11 5.86 40 0.27 2.16 8.00 50 0.22 2.20 10.00 60 0.19 2.22 11.68 70 0.16 2.23 13.94 80 0.14 2.25 16.07 90 0.13 2.27 17.46 Analysing evidence Above is the graph of my results. It has a steady line which increases evenly. This is because the resistance is proportional to the length of the wire. ...read more.


To make my experiment possibly more accurate I could have got 3 sets of results and found an average but this would be too time consuming. I don't think I could really improve on the way the experiment was done because my results were quite accurate. I also found that the experiment was quite easy to set up, as it was simple and uncomplicated. Further experiments I could do related to the resistance in a wire would be to see whether the following factors would make a difference in the resistance of a wire: The width: I think that the resistance would be decrease as the wire got wider, because there would be more room for the electrons to move through the wire. Material: if I was to use different wires then the resistance would change depending on how many atoms were in the wire. Rebecca Marlow ...read more.

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