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How Does the Number of Coils On An Electromagnet Affect Its Strength?

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To find out how the number of coils on an electromagnet affects its strength.

Background Knowledge

An electromagnet is a temporary magnet; the magnetic field only exists when an electric current is flowing through it. A magnetic field can be produced if a wire is wrapped around an iron core and a current is passed through the wire. The strength of the electromagnet depends on how many coils you wrap round and how high the voltage is.


Amount Of Paper Clips Picked Up.

This is the dependent variable of my. I will count how many paper clips have been picked up so I can see the strength of my electromagnet I will keep the paper clips the same size to ensure a fair test


This is my independent variable. I will change this to investigate the effect it has on the strength of the electromagnet.


This is a controlled variable in my experiment. I will keep the same current so that the experiment is fair.


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Experiment 2

Experiment 3

































Y= Amount of Paper Clips Supported

X = Amount of Coils


In this graph Y increases at an almost constant rate. Showing that Y is defiantly linked to the amount of X. The more coils the more paperclips supported the less coils the less paper clips supported.


In this graph we see the same trend as experiment one, increases at an almost constant rate. Showing that Y is defiantly linked to the amount of X The more coils the more paperclips supported the less coils the less paper clips supported, however it appears we have a anomalous result on the 3

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In all 3 experiments we got anomalous results in experiment 1 and 2 were the Y trend wasn’t rising as much as it should be I believe this to be because the coils were not wound round properly thus not creating a bigger electric field.

If I could repeat this experiment I would make sure the coils were wrapped round properly thus improving the accuracy of out experiment.


If I could improve my experiment  I would take more time controlling the variables as my experiment can never be perfect there will always be something someone can improve. For example in my experiment we could of ensured that none of the paper clips were linked together.

Extending the investigation

I could investigate the difference between coils wound as a long coil, or a single compact circular coil, and see if there is any difference.

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