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How temperature affects the enzyme Pectinase

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How temperature affects the enzyme Pectinase An enzyme is a protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the body, e.g., an enzyme in the saliva of the mouth helps to break down the food. Enzymes are biological catalysts, they make chemical reactions happen faster and they can break molecules down and build molecules up. Change in temperature and P.H can affect enzymes; if you heat up an enzyme they work faster but if you heat them up past their optimum temperature, where they work best, then they stop working. If you change the P.H then the shape of the active site will change; every enzyme has an optimum P.H at which they work best. Pectinase is an enzyme that is capable of breaking down Pectin. ...read more.


We are going to be keeping the amount of apple and Pectinase the same; we shall also use the same size beakers and stir the mixture for the same amount of time in each experiment. Prediction I think what will happen is that as the temperature increases the more juice we will collect because Pectinase is an enzyme and if you warm an enzyme up then they work faster, therefore, we will collect more juice. But I also think that we wont collect that much juice from the 60 c water bath because I think that, that will be past its optimum temperature. I think we will collect the least amount of juice from the 'ice' and the 60 c water bath. ...read more.


Evaluation I think the way that our group worked was done very well. We started the experiments as close to the same time as possible and we made sure that we measured out everything extremely accurately. We also took the temperature that each beaker was about to go into to make sure that our readings were as accurate as they could be. I think that our results were as accurate as we could make them at the time. I think we could've improved by leaving the apple in the filter paper for the same amount of time on each experiment instead of just taking it out when it looked like everything had drained out. I also think that there should've been more of a difference in temperature between the ice and the fridge to give better results. ...read more.

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