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How the Length and the Mass of Six Potatoes Chips Changes When Left In 6 Test Tubes.

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Aim: Is to see how the length and the mass of six potatoes chips changes when left in 6 test tubes. One filled with water and the other with various strengths of sugar solution over a period of time. Prediction: I predict that the potato chips in the strongest solution will shrink the most this is because the larger amount of sugar the more water that will be taken out. I believe that the low water in the potatoes will be absorbed by the sugar in the solution and the test tube with the water will make the potatoes larger in mass as there is a low concentration of sugar and a high concentration of water (H2O). There will be a solution that will make the potato stay the same so that will have the same amount of sugar in the potato and the same amount in the water. (Diagram to show) Fair test: I'm going to make it a faire test by making the volume of the solution the same and the same length and the same mass of the potato and by keeping all the types of the solution at the same temperature. Method: first of all I will collected the following apparatus to carry out the experiment: - * Six test tubes * Six potatoes chips the same size * ...read more.


percentage different (%) length of potato chip after 5 hours in the solutions (cm) Percentage different (%) length of potato chip after 22 hours in the solutions (cm) percentage different (%) H2O 3.9cm 4.1cm 4.90% 4.2cm 7.10% 5.0cm 28.00% 0.062 3.9cm 3.9cm 0.00% 4.1cm 4.90% 4.8cm 23.00% 0.125 3.9cm 3.8cm -2.60% 3.6cm -7.70% 3.3cm -15.00% 0.25 3.9cm 3.7cm -7.70% 3.4cm -12.80% 2.9cm -26.00 % 0.5 3.9cm 3.4cm -12.80% 3.1cm -20.50% 2.3cm -41.00 % 1 3.9cm 3.3cm -15% 2.9cm 25.60% 2.0cm -49.00% Results table of the 1st experiment of mass strength of solution (M) mass of potato chip at the start(cm) mass of potato chip after 3 hours in the solution (cm) percentage different (%) mass of potato chip after 5 hours in the solutions (cm) percentages different(%) H2O 1cm 1.2cm 16.70% 1.3cm 23.10% 0.062 1cm 1.1cm 9.10% 1.2cm 16.70% 0.125 1cm 1.1cm 9.10% 1.15cm 13.00% 0.25 1cm 1cm 0.00% 1.1cm 9.10% 0.5 1cm 0.9cm 0.80% 0.8cm -20.00% 1 1cm 0.8cm 1% 0.7cm -30.00% Analyse The results show that stronger the solution the potato chip will shrink. The mass is based on the potato chip with the strongest solution shrank the most. I knew that the test tube with the strongest solution would make the potato shrink the most. ...read more.


Some of the potato chips had the peel on them so that also could have affected the results. I had one strange result and that was on the second set of results and it was in the in the 0.06 solution of sugar and I don't know why maybe a rise in temperature or something like that made the chip to suddenly enlarge rapidly. Of I did the experiment again I would have had more strengths of solutions e.g. a strength of 0.1 or instead of doing the length I could have measured the weight of the chip over different periods of time in different strengths of solutions. I think that reliability of my results are good because I made an average but it could have been better if I done the experiment twice more, to give me more reliable results. I noticed at 2.0 the solution inside the potato chip and the solution out side the chip was equally the same which means that there was the same amount of water and sugar both in and out side the potato so there was no change in length. My anomalies in my results was in the 0.5 molar and it was -20 and is no were near my line of best fit and I have not a clue why this might be. Robert Bastin biology coursework ...read more.

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