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Humanities coursework assignment 2_prejudice and persecution Introduction: In this piece of coursework I will be investigating why the Nazi's hated Jews. The main title of the coursework is, "Why did Nazi's hate the Jews? Did Nazi propaganda make the German people prejudice against the Jewish race? And finally how successful were the policies of the Nazi government in establishing an anti-Semitic society?" Firstly I will be recognising and analysing the main vocabulary of the assignment and defining what propaganda, prejudice and anti-Semitic society mean. Propaganda: Something that is used against certain people, like rumours to deliberately harm people and turn other people against them. Propaganda can be used like a rumour. Prejudice: A feeling or opinion that is made against someone without actual knowledge of the true facts. Anti-Semitic society: Where everybody was against the Jewish people and had hatred towards them not based on actual facts and rather personal opinions of them, which people held. Why Did Nazi's Hate The Jew's: The main idea that the holocaust took place was, because the Nazi's were racist. Being racist means when you go against other races for no apparent reason and believe in only your race to be the best. ...read more.


And this was the exact aim of the Nazis. To cause mass destruction and try and erase the Jewish community from Germany. In Germany only 10% of Jews survived the holocaust and they are haunt by memories that will never leave them. So many Jews where murdered in such brutal ways in Germany and had to face such horrible deaths. Some of the ways in which they where murdered are, * Machine Gunned - Many Jews where just killed instantly on the spot they where found or even set up in a line and gunned down one by one. * Starvation - Many Jews where treated so badly their bodies just gave up and stopped working. They where deprived of food and water for days until they died. * Sickness- Many ill Jews in concentration camps where ill and not given medicine to recover they finally ended up dying due to sickness. * Gas chambers - Jews where tricked into thinking they would take showers, but in fact they where killed in mass numbers in the concentration camps by lethal gases. Jews where also treated very badly in the follow up to their deaths. They were forced to follow rules by the Nazi government. ...read more.


They where shown to be the main reason that Germany lost the world war and therefore the Nazis turned against them and caused other people to also turn against them and kill them in mass numbers. There were some survivors of the holocaust, only about 10% of the total Jewish population who lived in Germany before the holocaust. They survived in very bad conditions and stayed in hide outs away from the Nazis who were out to kill them. These people have very bad memories of the Holocaust and are haunted by most of what they saw. Many of their friends and relatives where murdered in horrific ways and they live with this guilt everyday of there lives. The only way that they managed to survive was by always staying one step ahead on the Nazi's and escaping their death sentences. There are also some famous memories from the holocaust such as The Diary Of Anne Frank. She was a young Jewish girl who was hiding out behind her father's work place and purchased a diary one day before they fled to shelter. She wrote in it everyday until her family where killed. Anne was ages 13. Her diary was found shortly after the holocaust and published world wide where it sold greatly. It expressed feelings, pain and sorrow that was faced by Jewish people during the holocaust. ...read more.

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