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Identify information to set targets And Measures of health for the individual

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Section C Identify information to set targets And Measures of health for the individual. In this report I will list the variety of ways I have measured William's health, I will also explain how each is measured, however I will explain this in various ways for instance tables etc. On the other hand, I will be comparing the information with the average and explain how William's measurements are different. As well, I will be setting short and long term targets for William to achieve. Lastly, I will be explaining how he will be achieving these targets. Last but not least, I will give my own opinion towards this report. Variety of ways measuring William's health: * Body Mass Index (BMI), * Peak Flow, * Blood Pressure, * Pulse Rate, * Amount of cigarettes he smokes, * Amount of alcohol he drinks, * Amount of sleep he gets. Body mass index is based on your height and weight, * Work out your height in metres and multiply the figure by itself. * Measure your weight in kilograms * Divide the weight by the height squared (i.e. the answer) However, William's BMI is 27.7 on average measurement for William's age would be between 20 -24.9. William's weight it 90kg and height 1.8 m tall. Peak flow is being measured for various reasons for instance, many diseases cause breathing difficulties and affecting the normal breathing pattern in different ways. Peak flow can easily be check by patients at home to get a measure of when they are becoming ill and may need to change their medication or seek medical help. ...read more.


has also been linked with to: * Obesity, * Sexual problems, * Muscle disease, * Skin problems, * Inflammation on the pancreas. William tends to sleep for some time during the day and then finds it difficult to sleep during the night, therefore William gets very less sleep on average William only sleeps for 5 or 6 hours. However, The amount of sleep needed depends upon the individual and their age. Some men manage on four or five hours sleep a night. On average seven, eight, or nine hours of sleep a night is what the majority of young and middle aged men need to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during the day. As we get older we tend to need less sleep. However sleep is good for you due to: * Refreshing memory, * Less stress, * Being calm, * Increases energy, * More active, * Concentrating well, * Being able to do things etc. Then again, improving your sleep: * Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday, including your days off, * Keep your bedroom for sleep and sex, not work and TV, * Avoid heavy meals, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol for 3-4 hours before going to bed, * Don't exercise within 3 hours of bedtime. Measurements... Williams's Measurement. Average Measurement For William's age. What William should do to make the measurements match? BMI 27.7 20 - 24.9 Decrease. Blood Pressure Doctors required. Doctors required. Doctor's results. Peak flow 450 liters per min. ...read more.


* How long has it been you have been smoking and drinking alcohol for? It's been several years. * Why don't you consider quitting smoking and stop drinking alcohol? There's no point me stopping, I'm used to it now and I need a constant cigarette in my mouth and usually in the evenings I need alcohol. * Why don't you consider getting help from counseling etc? I don't need help, I'm happy the way I am. * Why not go out more often, visit friends maybe? I do go out with my friends in the evenings for a drink, but after that I just want to be at home. * How about starting to eat better food for yourself and for your health? I enjoy eating chips, burgers etc, also its easy and quicker to make. Throughout, this report I have stated different ways of measuring William's health also how they are measured. Also in tables stated William's measurements and average measurements. As well, I have stated how William can improve his health based on quitting smoking etc. also, I have set short and long term targets for William to achieve and what he can do to achieve them e.g.: taking nicotine patches to help quitting smoking etc. last but no least, I have also stated questions with answers that I had asked William recently. Its been a interesting case study to work on, also I have thoroughly learnt a lot due to more information on smoking, alcohol, stress etc and how it affects you, also how someone can use a variety of ways to measure ones health. Raheela Naeem 10M 26/01/05. ...read more.

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