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Identify the resources required to construct the detached brick garage referred to in drawing No. YB/01/1 and the management techniques employed to control those resources.

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Identify the resources required to construct the detached brick garage referred to in drawing No. YB/01/1 and the management techniques employed to control those resources. On referring to the drawing no. YB/01/1, we see that a small detached garage of brick construction is required on plot 4. Before any work can begin on the construction of the garage, an inventory of the materials and plant required to complete the job must be made. This is the responsibility of the Site Director. First, referring to a schedule of work, the Director must decide how many men he must put on the particular job in order for it to be completed in the allotted time. The Site Director may well have a Personnel Manager working for him, particularly if the project is a large one and it is anticipated that a large workforce will be required. It is the responsibility of the Personnel Manager to employ a suitable workforce. He must endeavour to recruit people who will be worth the money they are going to be paid. Many large building companies have shareholders' interests to consider and productivity and profits will be an important factor for all of the management team to consider. It is important that care is taken to employ the right number of staff for the particular job in hand; if too many people are on site, wages will be expended needlessly and there will be a lot of people being paid to "swing the lead". ...read more.


These situations may also cause problems of access to parts of the site, slowing down work and beginning a "snowball" process whereby the next deliveries are arriving before the previous have been stored properly and so on. When it is perceived by the workforce that little or no care is being taken by the management to monitor materials being delivered to and stored on the site, they may come to believe that a lax attitude is acceptable, and pilfering and theft from site stores may occur. Deliveries to the site must be checked thoroughly to ensure there are no discrepancies between what was actually ordered and what has been delivered. Examination of goods will also reveal any damage to the materials. Whether this damage has occurred before it has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle, during transit, or while being off-loaded is irrelevant; any damage must be recorded on all parts of the delivery documents. Once the goods have been accepted and signed for by a member of site staff with the correct authority to do so, it is of the utmost importance that the materials are stored correctly. Storing them correctly in a designated area of the site not only ensures that the materials are not causing a hazard to the workforce, but also that when they are required, they will be in perfect condition. It only remains to see that an efficient system of storekeeping is in place where issuing of materials from the stores is concerned. ...read more.


An all-wheel-drive fork truck may prove to be worth its weight in gold on a busy site! Some plant, such as a JCB may also need an operator. This must be taken into account during the allocation of manpower for the job. If hired plant, a crane for instance, which needs a qualified operator is to be used on the site, then the building company will be charged for the services of the operator as well as for the actual hire of the crane. This must be taken into account and budgeted for accordingly. This covers the three main elements of any stage of construction on the site: * Manpower * Materials * Plant The Site Director, working closely with his Foreman or Contracts Manager to fulfil the manpower requirements, with his Estimators and Buyers to calculate what materials are needed and from where they will be sourced and with his Plant Manager to provide tools and machines, will then have brought together all the elements required to successfully complete the job in hand. Now the actual physical construction can begin on the garage at plot 4. Materials required for 7x3.6m detached brick garage. Approximately 2000 bricks 10 sheets of 18mm plywood 21m of 8 x 1" PSE 1 x 'up and over' garage door 1 x door and frame 1 x 1220mm x 1220mm window and frame 14 x 150mm x 50mm joists (plus fairings) 21.2m of softwood facia board Approximately 80 x 292mm footing blocks Damp proof membrane Hardcore (type 1) Labour. 2 plus 1 brick gang 2 joiners JCB operator Plant. JCB Cement mixer 1 ...read more.

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