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Imtiaz Dharker's Blessing

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Imtiaz Dharker's Blessing When you live in England it is hard to imagine life without the luxury of having water. However on my first visit to Bombay, India the reality of how differently water is valued in some other countries became apparent and startling. When I was there I witnessed how the people of the settlement I visited treated the burst of a pipe. It was almost as if it was God himself were present. The way the children pranced about, screaming in celebration reminded me of some sort of religious ceremony. The extent, at which this surprised me, gave me the incentive to write a poem to express the almost distressing situation that I came across. ...read more.


They wish just to hear a tiny splash of water hitting their mugs. In my poem I used an onomatopoeic effect of an echo in a mug in order to properly emphasis my point. It is probable that because there has been such a long length of time since they have heard such a noise, it makes it hard for them to remember what it sounds like, they only remember how it drips. The need for water seems to control how they view and go about their lives. They pray for it to come in their prayers and wish for it to come in their dreams. When the day does finally arrive when water does come out of the pipe it does not simply drip out, it rushes out like a flowing river. ...read more.


If they collect some water there is more of a chance that they will survive the next drought. At first they bring out pots, pans and buckets but once they have filled all of those they carry the water with their hands, not wanting to waste a single drop. Where as the children run and scream in rejoice that their prayers have been answered and they have been granted with a gift from god. Water will control how they go about their day to day life. My poem is entitled 'Blessing' as whenever the blessing of water appears it brings joy, wealth and happiness to the people of the community. Then maybe, just maybe with this gift from God they will be able to struggle through the next drought. Louise King ...read more.

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