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In the Middle of No Where.

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In The Middle of No where. Over 10 million souls like ants filing in and out of office blocks, the twin towers under subways, over land, by helicopter; New York, the city that never sleeps and here I am stuck right in the middle of it all. I look up and I can just see the sky is it falling down? Sunlight? What's that? Never heard of it, we live in the shadows created by the immense piles of glass and metal. Beneath our feet down past the sidewalk through the pipes that carry electronic signals which will be interpreted by millions of computer chips, electronic circuitry, copper wires, through the sewers down past water pipes with rusty connectors, into the subway is this where I belong? ...read more.


waterfall people rush where the walls lead bumping into each other but never interacting eyes stay fixed ahead concentrating on where they are headed, surely there's an easier way, but ill content my self with this one. Onto the train there's a bit more space more like baked beans in a can with more space to move around, I haven't decided where I'm going yet but I always think of something maybe a trip down to the coast, yes that's what I'll do a trip to the coast for the weekend. I wake up and yes I can see it sunlight full unfaltering not blocked out but in it's full glory as God made it. Making my way out onto the street I can swing my arms without the fear of inadvertently hitting a mugger and ...read more.


The salty ocean air cuts through my hair as waves cool my hand which trails through a little part of the ocean. The sun crashes towards the earth in a blaze of glory, lighting up the heavens but the great expanse of water wins the battle and extinguishes the flame, suddenly I turn around and the coast looks just like the edge of the sea where as the edge of the sea looks, unchanged, I'm not at the end of the ocean, I'm not back in the maze of tunnels which I call home, I'm not standing on that white sandy beach I'm just here; in the middle of nowhere but I like it and I want it to last. I'm lost at sea don't bother me. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Green Plants as Organisms section.

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