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In this essay I am going to tell you why water is so important to our living.

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Water As we all know, water is essential for our living. But do we know why? In this essay I am going to tell you why water is so important to our living. Well, first of all, water covers most of our planet. To be specific, about three quarters of it, but actually only 1% of the world's water, is usable to us. About 97% of it is salty sea water, and 2% is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. Even our bodies consist of mainly water, about 70% of it, and the rest of it consists of other minerals. That alone is evidence for water being an essential prime element that is responsible for life on earth. But the list goes on. Water flows through our bodies just like it flows through streams and rivers, transporting, dissolving and replenishing nutrients and organic matter, while carrying away waste materials. Further, it regulates the bodily activities of fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and glandular secretions. Did you know that an average adult body contains of about 42 litres of water? ...read more.


At a certain temperature point i.e. evaporation, the kinetic energy supplied is strong enough to break bonds and a change of state is experienced. However, it is important to acknowledge the relative strength displayed by the bonds of water molecules, trying to resist changes in state i.e. solidification and evaporation (0� and a 100�C respectively). When water evaporates, it creates a so called cooling effect, since it draws heat energy out of the material underneath. Water also has a high latent heat of fusion. What does that mean? Well, it just means that water at 0�C must lose alot of heat energy first, befor it can start to freeze and form ice crystals. Other molecules that are of the same size usually have a boiling point of -75�C and a freezing point of -125�C. If water was to follow other examples, it would mean that, on earth, it would be a gas at all times and life on earth would not be possible. ...read more.


This has two effects: the salt is dissolved and the water molecules are disturbed. When the water molecules are altered in this fashion they can no longer take part in the formation of ice crystals. This is why oceans, which contain a lot of salt, resist freezing. What can I say other than water is just amazing! As mentioned further up in this essay, water molecules can form hydrogen bonds with other substances. These can give water considerable cohesive properties. Thus water molecules stick together and also stick to other surfaces, such as the sides of a container. Basically another one of waters unique properties is that it is sticky. Other important physical properties of water include that it has a relatively high density compared with air. It is hard to compress, and it conducts electricity. This is why you should never take any electric appliances into the bath with you, hear me?! Overall, it is apparent that water is the most important substance ever to have been discovered because it is so vital to our race. Its unique properties aid all living things to survive in the scheme of nature on our planet Earth. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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