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In this investigation the effect of nitrate concentration on the growth of plants will be investigated. This will include the finding of the minimum concentration to have a positive effect on the growth. The plants that I am going to study are cress

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Investigating the effect of nitrate on cress plants Aim In this investigation the effect of nitrate concentration on the growth of plants will be investigated. This will include the finding of the minimum concentration to have a positive effect on the growth. The plants that I am going to study are cress and the nitrate that I will be using will using will be sodium nitrate. Background information. Plants have five requirements for living: - Carbon dioxide, this is needed for photosynthesis. Oxygen, this is needed for respiration. Organic nutrients, a few plant cells make their own nutrients, such as glucose by photosynthesis. Inorganic ions and water, all plants need these to grow and they are taken up by the roots and up the stem and soluble from soil water. Water, raw material for photosynthesis and manufacturing osmotic potential of cells and support of the plant. The factor that I am going to investigate will be how nitrates will affect how cress seeds grow. Plants require nitrates to make essential amino acids. Proteins that are made from these amino acids are essential in cells because they are an important part in cell structure (plasma cell membrane). ...read more.


Add the same amount of solution in each dish - labelling each dish with what concentration of nitrate is in each one. Step 4. Leave for 4 days watering everyday so the seeds can germinate. Step 5. When the seed start to germinate, I can then start to measure the rate at which they grow. To do this I must take out 3 cress seedlings at a time stretching them, (making sure I don't snap the end of the root), against a ruler and measure how long they are. What equipment will I need? Petra dishes - this will contain my growing medium, they are sterile so I will be able to avoid moulds becoming established and affecting my results. Cress seeds - this is the plant that I am going to be investigating. I will be using 18 cress seeds during my investigation. Nitrate solution - this will be varying in concentration and will be my independent variable. Distilled water - to dilute the solutions. My dependant variable will be length of cress seeds. To make sure that all my results are fair I must be able to control my variables. This means I must be aware of what the environment is like around the perti dishes and what sort of light is available. ...read more.


The errors of this investigation are that I may have not pulled the seeds tight enough across the ruler to measure them. Another error is that I may have pulled a part of the root hair off when I teased the seedlings out of the cotton wool. The results I got were good enough to create a graph that looks like there is a curve forming, looking at the second graph I have drawn on the computer, if I carried on my investigation for another 8 days the graph shows what the graph might look like. I think possible ways in which my investigation could be improved are; * Wait for about 3 days to let the seeds germinate and start to grow. Then add the nitrate solutions. * Try out different environments for the seeds to grow. * Leave the investigation to carry on for about one month. * Try and use smaller concentrations of nitrate solutions to find the inhibiting concentration. I think that my overall conclusion was safe. This is because all my results were as accurate that I can make them. I realised about all the limitations that I have mention throughout my investigation and I cam up with a conclusion that didn't match my prediction because of the strength of nitrate solutions. ...read more.

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