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Investigate the effect of salt solution on a piece of potato

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Investigate the effect of salt solution on a piece of potato Aim I am going to investigate what happens during osmosis in a potato. I am going to see if the mass of the potato will decrease or increase as the salt concentration of the solution increases. Prediction I predict that the mass of the potato will decrease as the salt concentration of the solution increases. I think this will happen because osmosis will cause the salts to move into the solution, therefore, making the potato lighter. Equipment * 6 beakers * 6 solutions * cutting board * timer * knife * scales * forceps * potato * potato chipper Method I will set up six beakers. Each beaker will have 50cm� of the salt solution. However, the salt concentration will be different in each beaker. The range of salt solutions starts at distilled water, 0.2 cm�, 0.4cm�, 0.6cm� 0.8cm�, and lastly 1cm�. I will then peel the potato. ...read more.


The preliminary work made me realise that I needed to be more organised and tidier. In the preliminary testing, I decided to leave the potato in the beakers for 1 minute. However, this made me realise that in the real experiment I needed to leave it in longer because 1 minute did not leave enough time for osmosis to occur. None of the apparatus had to be changed. The preliminary work helped me to see if the way I set up the experiment would actually work. Trial results These results have helped me to finalise my plan by making me realise that my experiment has to be well organised and precise. The measurements I take have to be reliable. The experiment also has to be a fair test for the experiment to work. Results Conclusion As the concentration in the solution became more intense, the potato lost weight. I know this because my graph shows that most of the results were constantly falling in weight. ...read more.


Evaluation I had lots of anomalous results. These could have happened because of many reasons. Using pieces of potato that are slightly the wrong weight could have affected the results. So could the shape of the pieces of potato. Also, if the volume of solution is different, that could too affect the results too. We had difficulties with making sure the potato pieces were the same shape and weight. Also, we had difficulty with putting in the potato pieces into the beakers, all at same time. We tried to overcome this with getting different people to drop the pieces in at the same time. However, this was not a fair way of doing it even though it was fairer than putting the potato in at different times. I would not make any changes to the experiment, only changes into how I carried it out. In order to make my results and graph clearer, I would use all concentrations up to 2.0molar,(0.1m, 0.2m, 0.3m, 0.4m, 0.5m...etc). Also I would repeat the experiment more times. The results would also make my conclusion clearer and easier to explain from more results. ...read more.

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