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Investigate the effect the "resistance of a wire" by using different lengths.

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Preliminary Investigation.

Aim  -  To investigate the effect the “resistance of a wire” by using different lengths.

Hypothesis  -  The longer the length of the wire the higher the resistance because of the electrons inside the wire having to travel for a longer distance, which causes more collisions and so increases the resistance.

Prediction  -  I that if the length increases then the resistance will also increase in proportion to the length. Causing the length of the wire to be directly proportional to its resistance. This is because there are more atoms in  a long wire, so there is more chance that the electrons would collide with each other; therefore there is more frequent collisions. So if the length is doubled

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Bulb (which I will us to find my results ).
  • Wires with crocodile clips (which I will use to connect the circuit with).

By Ali Hashem.     Year 10 Boys.                            

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Method  -  At first I got all my apparatus together and set them the same way the diagram shows above. i used 1 bulb, a power supplier, 1 ruler (100 cm), 3 wires with crocodile clips, and a conducting wire (a constantan wire.)

As I have gathered all the apparatus in a circuit. I will use the bulb to measure the brightness of the bulb to see the resistance of the constantan wire from 10cm-50cm. I will then switch on the power supplier and set it to a voltage measuring 3V (so that the bulb doesn’t over heat or be too dime ).

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very dime






increasing brightness


very bright (brightest point)

By Ali Hashem.     Year 10 Boys.                            

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Conclusion -

 In my coursework I decided to use a constantan wire as it has a high resistance unlike copper which has a low resistance and you we will not get accurate results for copper unlike constantan and I realise that the longer the length the more the resistance just as I expected the reason why is because of the electrons inside the wire. And I also conclude that my prediction is correct and that the longer the wire the greater the resistance due to the greater amount of collisions occurring inside the wire as the current travels through a further distance.

By Ali Hashem.     Year 10 Boys.                      

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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