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Investigate the factors that affect the Strength of an Electromagnet.

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Sorbh Bhushan

Investigate the factors that affect the Strength of an              



  • Collect all equipment needed for the experiment.
  • Wrap the insulated wire round the iron nail 50 times.
  • Connect the Batteries, Variable resistor and Ammeter.
  • Then use the crocodile clips to connect each end of the insulated wire together, to form a flowing current.
  • Make sure the current is steady at 0.2 amps all through the experiment.
  • Pour some iron filings on a piece of paper, and then use the iron nail to pick up the iron filings.
  • Disconnect the power after a while, and weigh the iron nail with the iron filings on it.
  • Repeat the experiment till there are 10 turns on the nail. Each time I repeat the experiment take away 5 turns from the iron nail till I get to 10 turns on the nail.
  • I will also repeat the whole experiment once more for fairness.




I will take the iron nail and wind the wire around it, leaving the two ends of the wire free.

Sorbh Bhushan

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To keep my experiment fair, I will use the same iron nail through the experiment and the second repeated experiment.  

And use the same amount of insulated wire.

Sorbh Bhushan

I will use the same batteries, variable resistor and ammeter throughout both experiments to insure fair results.

I will also keep my experiment fair because I feel that the more fairly I keep it the more accurate my results will be.


I predict that the more current that passes through the wire the greater the electromagnetic pull of the soft-iron core will be.  The less turns on the coil, will lead to less iron filings will be attracted to the electromagnet.

When insulated wire is wrapped round an iron nail and the ends of the wire are connected to a battery the nail becomes capable of picking up iron filings. This is called an electromagnet. The nail is magnetised by the current in the wire. If the battery is disconnected then the iron filings will fall off, this is because most of the magnetism has been lost.

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The electric current along the wire creates a magnetic field around wire. The fields are in shape of a series of concentric rings.

A magnetic field is a region where magnetic materials such as iron and steel and also wires carrying currents experience force acting on them.

My results turned out quite fair and reasonable, although in my first experiment I did get one anomalous result.

The prediction I made earlier was correct I did find that fewer turns on the electromagnet would lead to less iron filings being picked up, this is exactly what happened in my experiment. The number of coils around an electromagnet is not proportional to the electromagnetic strength. In my graph it shows that the number of coils are not proportional to the strength of the electromagnet, I found that this happened due to me getting anomalous result in my experiment.  

      When more coils are in contact with the core, more area of interaction is available, allowing more of the area to be magnetised quicker than if the area is smaller. If there is more area, the magnetic area will become stronger.

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