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Investigate whether ethanol, paraffin or natural gas is the best fuel.

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Introduction: The key factor that I plan to investigate is to see whether ethanol, paraffin or natural gas is the best fuel. While I am doing this experiment I will consider the safety issues. I will do the experiment in a science laboratory and make all the people that are involved to wear goggles; they should wear goggles because there could be a danger of an explosion. People with long hair should tug it in and people wearing ties should also tug it in because there hair or tie could get caught it to something. I will do my experiment in a laboratory and use lot's of ventilation because we need a good supply of oxygen because if we haven't we can make a incomplete combustion and produce carbon monoxide which is a very dangerous gas that could kill people, this is because carbon monoxide cannot be smelt or seen. Apparatus: * Ethanol * Natural Gas * Paraffin * Bunsen Burner * Thermometer * Heat Prove Mat * 150cm� of water * Stopwatch * Measuring Cylinder * Goggles * Tripod * Beaker * Clamp Method: General * Measure the amount of water needed by using a measuring cylinder, and then pour the water into a beaker. ...read more.


I will us the same period of time for each fuel (5 minutes) Hypothesis: Ethanol has a higher and boiling point then an alkane because of its hydrogen bonding between the molecules. (C2H5OH H H | | H-C-C-H-O-H | | H H 90 % of Natural Gas is made out of Methane and the other 10% is made from ethane, propane and some of the higher alkanes. (CH4) H | H-C-H | H Prediction: I think natural gas is the best fuel because we use it for everyday life. Ethanol has the formula structure = C2H5OH, Paraffin has the formula structure = C10H22 to C16H34 and natural gas has the formula structure = CH4. So with this information I figured out that the atom hydrogen is very flammable so the more hydrogen's there are the more dangerous it is because it will make a bigger explosion so the I found out that paraffin has the largest amount of hydrogen's so this is very dangerous and can cause a big explosion so that is why I did not choose it. ...read more.


Conclusion: I find out that natural gas heats the water the quickness and it does not produce a lot of soot because it has not got a lot of carbon atoms but not like paraffin which has got lots of carbon atoms and it produces a lot of soot when it is burns. My results came out the way that I expected to do because in my prediction I said that Natural Gas is the best fuel and I was right. Evaluation: I believe if I was to do this experiment again I could have improved by taking more readings to get an accurate average and doing the experiment again to make my results more reliable and accurate. The experiment went well but I had one anomalous result so I ignored it and repeated that experiment again. My result showed me that I was correct with my prediction, that the more the carbon atoms the more soot it produces and the more hydrogen the more the risk of a big explosion. Science Coursework Abdullah Abdillahi 10A CA10 ...read more.

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