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Investigating Electromagnets

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Investigating Electromagnets Aim: To find out how the strength of an electromagnet can be changed. Background Information: When a current passed through a wire it causes the wire to have a magnetic field. If the wire is coiled it behaves like a bar magnet. The stronger the magnet the further the field lines reach. If you place an iron core in the coil of wire the magnet becomes stronger. Hypothesis: I think that if I pass current through a coil of wire, the coil of wire will become a magnet. I think this because the electrons are flowing through the wire and this causes the wire to become magnetic. I predict that if you increase the voltage, the magnets strength will increase and the magnetic field will get bigger, this is because Ohm's law = V=IR, so if you increase the voltage, the current will increase. If the coil of wire has a resistance of 1 ohm and you pass volts through the wire, the wire will have a current of 6 amps. ...read more.


* Move the compass towards the coil of wire. Use your finger to do this. * When the compass moves or makes a sudden turn stop applying force to it. * Then measure the distance between the coil of wire and the compass. * Record the result and repeat this 3 times. * After you have repeated this 3 times you change the current to 0.2 Amps. * You then do the same process for what you did for 0.1 Amps, this makes the test fair. Results table: Size of the field (mm) Test number Current (Amperes, A) 1 2 3 Average (mm) 0.1 35 36 34 35 0.2 69 65 68 67.33 0.3 87 83 85 85 0.4 106 109 107 107.33 0.5 122 122 123 122,33 0.6 153 154 149 152 0.7 179 181 178 179.33 0.8 201 198 200 199.67 0.9 223 228 225 225.33 1 241 248 246 245 Conclusion: My results support part of hypothesis. In my hypothesis I said that if I increase the current the magnetic field will increase, this is shown on my results table. ...read more.


These are the reasons why my test was a fair test; therefore the results I got were reliable. There was a problem when I did the test. The problem is, when the current and resistance get too high, the circuit gets hot and then trips out. This can affect the results because when the circuit gets too hot, and the resistance gets higher, the current or p.d. that is passing through, will be less than what it should be, therefore the magnetic field will be smaller than what it should be, because of this the results will be different. To solve this problem we might have to use thicker wire. We could also use shorter wire, Doing these would make the results more accurate. Another way we could solve the problem could be to let it cool down after it trips out. Another problem when doing this experiment is that the compass could be affected by the other group's magnetic field, this is because everyone was working at the same time. A way to solve this problem could be, to do the experiment at different times, like one after the other. Or you could do it in different rooms. ...read more.

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