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Investigating Factors Which Affect The Period Time Of A Simple Pendulum

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  • Essay length: 2004 words
  • Submitted: 11/07/2002
GCSE Forces and Motion

An extract from this essay...

altered will affect the

value of P, as all the other values are constants.

The formula: P = 2 L


can be rearranged to produce the formula: P = 4 L


and therefore: P = 4

L g

As 4 and g are both constants, this means that P must be directly

proportional to L.

I can now say that the length of the pendulum does have an affect on the

period, and as the length of the pendulum increases, the length of the period

will also increase.

I will draw a graph of P against L. As they are directly proportional to each

other, the predicted graph should show a straight line through the origin:


* I will firstly set up a clamp stand with a piece of string 50cm long

attached to it.

* A mass of 50g will be attached securely to the end of the string

The mass will be held to one side at an angle of 45 degrees (measured

with a protractor), and then released.

* A stop watch will be used to time taken for one full oscillation

This will be repeated a number of times, each time shortening the

length of string by 10cm

* The length of the pendulum will be plotted against the period on a


NB. The final length of string and mass will be decided after my preliminary



* Meter ruler

* Protractor

* Clamp stand

* Clamp

* Stop watch

* String

* Mass


The following factors will be considered when providing a fair test:

The mass will be a constant of 50g throughout the experiment

* Angle of amplitude shall be a constant of 45 degrees. This will ensure

that there is no variation of the forces acting on the pendulum.

* The value of gravitational field strength will inevitably remain constant,

helping me to provide a fair test.

* The intervals between the string lengths will increase by 10cm each

time. This will help me to identify a clear pattern in my results.

* If

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