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Investigating Osmosis in Potato Cylinders

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INVESTIGATING OSMOSIS IN POTATO CYLINDERS Osmosis is the passage of water molecules from a weaker solution into a stronger solution, through a partially permeable membrane. In this case, the tiny holes in the membrane of the potatoes will allow the water molecules to pass through in and out of the solution and the potato, depending on the concentration gradient of the two substances. Preliminary Experiment Aim Find the concentration of sugar solution at which there is no change in length of the potato cylinders. This concentration will be the same concentration as the sell cap. Prediction I predict, when the water concentration is lower in the tissue, the water will go inside the tissue of the potato, and the potato will gain weight, and if there is very little different in the two water concentrations, there shouldn't be such a big change in weight. ...read more.


Concentration (Molar) Water (ml) 1 Molar Sugar (ml) 1 0 10 0.8 2 8 0.6 4 6 0.4 6 4 0.2 8 2 0 10 0 I will weigh each set and have them ready for us to put into the test tube. Then I will put the 6 sets of 3 potatoes in the 6 beakers at the same time and start the clock running for 145 minutes. After 145 minutes, I will take all of the potatoes cylinders out of their beakers, so that the actual osmosis action stops. I will then proceed to weigh and measure the potatoes taking in the average reading of the 3 pieces. I will only do this experiment once as this is only my preliminary experiment In order to ensure a fair test, I will do the following: * I will use cylinders from the same potato, as this will eliminate as far as possible any variation resulting from different treatment or source of supply. ...read more.


In order to make sure that this experiment is a safe one, I will do the following: * I will make sure that I set up the experiment away from any hazards, so it does not get knocked over. * I will ensure that I keep the knife in a safe area when I am not using it, so no one accidentally cuts themselves. * When using the potato borer I will take care to make sure that no one is near by, so if I slip I don't hurt anybody. Results My results are shown on the following page headed "Results". Conclusion From looking at my results I have decided to investigate further when the pure water is at 80 to 100 and the pure molar is 20 to 0. This is because it is at this particular position it is increasing in length, so it is around this point were it is the same as the cell sap. Thomas Large - Preliminary Experiment ...read more.

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