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Investigating the effect of exercise on pulse rate

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Title: Investigating the effect of exercise on pulse rate Aim: To see what happens to the pulse rate during exercise. Prediction: I predict that the pulse rate will increase in order to take more oxygen for respiration. The heartbeat will increase and become stronger to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the muscle cells. The breathing rate will increase in order to get rid of the extra waste such as Carbon dioxide. Respiration is the release of energy. Anaerobic respiration occurs during prolonged exercise as our heart and muscle use up a lot of oxygen, this prevents oxygen from being transported to the lungs quick enough. The word equation for this is Glucose---- Lactic acid and energy. ...read more.


Plan: The resting pulse rate will be taken and recorded for both the smoker and non-smoker. The heartbeat will be taken by placing your two middle fingers on your wrist were your artery crosses with the bone. You must ensure that you do not use your own thumb as this contains a pulse itself. The results will then be recorded of the resting pulse rate and placed into my results table. One-minute star jump exercise will begin. When the star jump exercise is complete I will then record the heart rate every minute using a stopwatch, until it returns to it's original resting pulse rate. Key Factors: In order to make my experiment a safe one we had to follow many obvious rules by making sure that the area we used was open and away from other people to avoid injury to others. ...read more.


I notice from my graph that both pulse rates return near enough to its original resting pulse rate. The non-smokers heartbeat does increase and become stronger as it has to transport more oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the muscle cells. Although the non-smokers heart is working hard we can conclude from the graph that the smokers pulse rate is working much harder. Evaluation: From my result table I able to conclude that although due to time restrictions my results are accurate apart from one, this is the first result from the smokers pulse rate after 3 minutes of exercise. I think that my method that I used was successful and accurate as only one of my results were anomalous. An improvement, which I could have made, was spending more time on the exercise. I found the practical easy as it was simple to do but I found the writing up of the experiment much more difficult, ...read more.

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