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'Investigating the effect of soaking raw potato chips in various salt solutions'

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GCSE Biology 'Investigating the effect of soaking raw potato chips in various salt solutions' Aim In my Experiment I hope to discover the possible concentrations of potato cell sap using osmosis. Osmosis is the passage of water molecules from a weak solution into a stronger solution through a partially permeable membrane. We hope to achieve this by doing four experiments using distilled water in one test tube and different concentrations of salt water in the other test tubes. Once done, we will measure the change in mass. Prediction I think that the potato that is put in the test tube with water in will gain in mass. I think that the potato put into the salt solution will loose in mass. The higher the concentration of salt the, the more the potato will decrease in mass. I think this because if two solutions of concentrations of a solute (e.g. salt) in a solvent (e.g. water) are separated by a semipermeable membrane, solvent moves from the weaker to the stronger solution until the two solutions attain equal concentration. ...read more.


When all this is prepared all four students will drop their raw potato into their test tube at the same time. The stopwatch will also be started at that same time. The potato pieces are then left in the test tubes for twenty minutes. After this they are all taken out at the same time and again rolled gently in the paper towel to absorb any excess water. The potatoes are again then weighed and their results were recorded. The measurement I will be taking is weight (g). I have chosen grams because it will measure the weight accurately. And it is the only measurement that the scales I am using will give. The experiment will only be carried out once because of the time given. But if allowed a total of three experiments will be carried out. This would have given a far more accurate graph because we would have taken an average of the three experiment results. The Graph at the end of my experiment I believe will look like this: Results Salt Mass of Potato chips (g) ...read more.


The results support my prediction because they show how a higher concentration of salt (1.00M of salt meant 0.43g in a solution meant that the more mass that the potato lost. And the less salt in the solution the less mass lost. Evaluation The quality of the results I have is good. All the stages of the experiment were done accurately and well. But unfortunately there was not enough time to carry out a second or third experiment. Which I would have taken an average from, which would then give me a better and more accurate graph. It was a fair test, all the variables were controlled and kept fair. But there were difficulties when carrying out the experiment. When we dropped the potato into the test tubes we had to make sure we all did it at the same time. Plus we had to start the stopwatch at the same time we dropped the potatoes. If I were to do the experiment I would use some sort of machine that dropped the potatoes into the water and start the stopwatch all at the exact same time. This would have maybe make the results slightly more accurate. James Warner July 16th ...read more.

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