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Investigating the effects catalyse has on hydrogen peroxide solution

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Single science Coursework Investigating the effects catalyse has on hydrogen peroxide solution Aim: I am going to investigate the effects which catalyse has on a hydrogen peroxide solution Preliminary work We would use potato to do the experiment because we had done a previous experiment when we put a piece of potato and liver into a hydrogen peroxide solution and the rate of reaction for the liver was too fast to measure and time. But the potato had a slower reaction which will be easier to time and we can measure the size of the froth using a ruler. Theory Enzymes are special shaped protein molecules which act as catalyst and work in living organisms. Enzymes help speed up the rate of reactions. Each enzyme has a unique 3D shape which means that they work with certain types of substrates. This is also known as 'lock and key' because the shape of the substrate fits into the shape of the enzyme, just the way a lock and key do. ...read more.


Chemical equation: Apparatus * Measuring cylinder * Hydrogen peroxide solution * Beaker * Potato borer * Potato * Spotting tile Plan * Place a potato on a spotting tile and use the borer and bore it into the potato. * Extract the potato. * Use a ruler to measure the length of the extracted potatoes then cut it so the potatoes are all the same length which will be 20mm. * Pour 75ml of hydrogen peroxide solution into a beaker. * Pour 10ml of the solution into a measuring cylinder. * Afterwards, drop the potato cylinder into the solution * Time the rate of reaction using a stop watch per minute for 10minutes and measure height of froth every minute. This process will be repeated 3 times with potato cylinders with diameters of 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. Fair test The factors which I would not change are: * the time the potato cylinder is in the solution * the volume of hydrogen peroxide solution * ...read more.


Observation I made a table to show my readings on the experiment I observed. I repeated the experiment three times for each potato diameter to make the results more accurate. I then found the average result for each potato cylinder. The diameter was measured in millimetres and the unit of time we used was measured in minutes. Evaluation The results were not very good because the results from the graph did not prove my prediction right. There were some points on the graph that did nit fit on the curved line so I circled these points. The experiment happened over a few days so that could have caused my results to be read wrongly. I could improve this experiment by working a lot quicker so that I can be sure that the potato cylinders are from the same potato to make my results more accurate and to make it more of a fair test ?? ?? ?? ?? Dinah Laari: Single science coursework ...read more.

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