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Investigating the factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet.

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Investigating the factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet

Contents page


  • What I am trying to find out?
  • What I am going to do? (Diagram, list of apparatus, a method and safety precautions)
  • Prediction
  • The main factors in my investigation.
  • Which factors (variables) will I need to keep the same?
  • What I am varying?
  • The range of values I am using.
  • How I will ensure that my results are reliable.

Obtaining evidence

  • Table of results
  • Any changes I made to my plan

Analysing evidence

  • Graph of results
  • What I have found out.
  • How my results compare to my original prediction.

Evaluating evidence

  • Are my results accurate and reliable?
  • Which measurements have the largest errors?
  • Any improvements that I would make to my investigation.


What I am trying to find out?

   My aim is to find out the factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet.

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While doing this investigation we need to be aware of any safety precautions.  As we are working with electricity we must make sure the voltage is not set too high as the wire may over heat and will melt on to hands causing burns to the skin.


I predict that the more coils wrapped around the iron core the stronger the electromagnet will become resulting in more paper clips being picked up.  I know this because it says in ”GCSE Success Double Award Physics Higher” that to make the magnet field stronger we can increase the current or make the wire into a coil.  It also says that if a solenoid is wrapped on to a core made from material such as iron, the strength of its magnetic field increases.

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Second Experiment

No of Coils










No of Paper Clips










During the investigation no changes were made to our plan but we repeated the experiment support our results.

Analysing Evidence

From my final set of results I have found out that they do not support my original prediction.   The amount of paper clips that were picked up did not increase as the number of coils increased.  For example

15 coils         41 paper clips

        The amount of paper clips

25 coils        38 paper clips        picked up has decreased

I predicted that the more coils around the iron core the more paper clips that will be picked up.  My graph shows on average a slow increase but a pattern formed where for every increase there was also a decrease in some situations.

Louise Barden

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