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Investigating the strength of cytoplasm.

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Investigating the strength of cytoplasm. Aim: I'm going to find out what is the concentration of cytoplasm of the potato. Equipment: Potato Concentration - solution Ruler - to measure the potato Test tube Beaker Tile - to put the potato on Scalpel (knife) - to cut the potato Scour - to get the long strips out of the potato Rod - to push the potato out of the scour Measuring cylinder - to measure how much solution I need. Prediction: I predict that the potatoes will not increase or decrease that much. I predict that between 0m and 0.4m the potatoes will increase because water enters their cells by osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane, from a high water concentration to a region of a low water concentration. But in between 0.6m to 1m the potatoes will decrease because water leaves their cells due to osmosis. I also predict that there will be a point when the potato neither decreases or increases I believe this will happen because there may be a point when the water concentrations are equal on the outside of the potato and on the inside, so therefore osmosis will not happen. ...read more.


I will use a ruler and have all the strips of potatoes 6cm's long. The length of the potatoes is a dependent variable because, I depend on the potatoes to increase and decrease. It is a lot easier and accurate to measure the potatoes when they are fairly long. Both of these measurements are accurate as long as they are measured on a flat surface. Results: Potato strip - 6cm Solution - 40ml Potato - King Edward potato Molar Test 1 Test 2 Difference in length (cm) Averages of differences in length (cm) Starting Length (cm) End Length (cm) Starting Length (cm) End Length (cm) Test 1 Test 2 0m 6 6.2 6 6.1 0.2 0.1 0.15 0.2m 6 6 6 6 0 0 0 0.4m 6 5.8 6 5.8 -0.2 -0.2 -0.2 0.6m 6 5.7 6 5.8 -0.3 -0.2 -0.25 0.8m 6 5.6 6 5.6 -0.4 -0.4 -0.4 1m 6 5.5 6 5.4 -0.5 -0.6 -0.55 Conclusion: My results tell me that the potatoes didn't increase or decrease a lot. The most the potatoes increased was 0.15cm at 0 molar. ...read more.


Osmosis couldn't occur, as the concentrations of the water molecules were equal so they didn't have to move. Evaluation: I think the test went fine and I think my results are reliable because, I repeated them so I was able to make an average of the difference in the length of the potato, for each solution. I think the measurements are very accurate as the results were close together and there were no odd results. To improve this investigation I could of done more than two strips of potatoes for each solution. I don't think I can improve my method as it is simple and from this method I got reliable and accurate results. Although to achieve more results as well as measuring the length of the potatoes I could also weigh the strips of potatoes, also from these extra results I could draw up some further conclusions. I can tell from my graphs that my results are accurate as they are close together. To prove the same aim I could weigh the potato strips and then I would find out more about the concentration of cytoplasm in the potato. ...read more.

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